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Making Tracks Spring 2012


Well, I was on my way to purchase a ragdoll kitten last Friday, when for some reason, as I passed the shelter, I decided to stop in. I have never been to a shelter before and I had no clue as to what made me stop. All I can say now is “Thank you Lord!”

In a small playroom in the back, there were a few cats that were playing together. I must have been in there a good 25 minutes, sitting in a chair before I got up to leave, that’s when I caught a glimpse of her ear through a hole in a box next to me. I reached down and inside to touch her … she batted my hand. After playing that game a little while, she finally came out. She was definitely scared! She had just been dropped off two days earlier and I’m sure she was confused and missing her home of two years.

During the next couple of hours I spent with her, she warmed up a little. Her motor was running and I felt she liked me, as I did her. As people came in and out of the room she would take off back in the box and hide, coming out and back to me when the coast was clear! Lol! I told the center, this was the one for me, I had forgotten all about that ragdoll kitten I was on my way to buy! I wanted Bella instead! After a couple days of being shy and scared, Bella started to come around, by the second night, Bella owned the house! It was a perfect match, we spent the whole weekend bundled up watching movies! I have felt so much love from her in this short time together, she talks constantly and loves to sleep in the bed at my side. I can only imagine the future happiness we will share together … Bella and I.

Thank you so much Humane Society of Tampa Bay, for all your love and care concerning all the precious homeless animals, dogs and cats alike! I will forever be grateful for my new found friend “BELLA”. I promise to love, spoil and care for her in the best possible way!

~Dina Ligori


As you can see, Smokey is adjusting well to his new home! He’s very friendly and playful when hes not conked out sleeping 🙂 He’s a good fit for me as there are no other animals and he’s “top cat”. I want to thank you for all your time and help!

~Mark Helms

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