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We are thrilled with the Pekingese dog we adopted on St. Patrick’s day. His name was “Gizmo” and we’ve renamed him “Chance” because he’s getting another chance. He is so well behaved and hasn’t had any accidents at all. We’ve already taught him how to go through the “doggie doors” on our lanai and he loves to play. He’s made himself quite at home and follows us all over the house.

I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome as we were nervous about adopting. While it was sad that he was surrendered by another family and we worried that he would be unhappy and confused, he has adjusted quickly and it’s like he has always been with us. We are glad we took a “Chance”. Thank you!

~Linda A. Kolsen


I adopted Karma in February and she’s the most amazing dog. My other dog, Buttercup, and she are the best of friends. I’m so glad I started volunteering at the shelter, ’cause I found a new friend.


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