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I adopted Rocky in fall of 2009 after my daughter was a few months old. Rocky and my daughter, Mirielle “Elle”, are now best of friends and he has inadvertently become her Therapy Angel. You see, as God would have it, Elle is developmentally delayed and deaf in one ear. She will soon be 3 and is not yet “verbal”. It may seem like a sad story so let me assure you it is anything but. Her developmental delays have been plentiful and were detected from the start. Fortunately, for us, we’ve had Rocky around, therefore they have been much easier to overcome.

Elle did not crawl “when kids should” but she did in her own time … to scoot around after Rocky. She did not walk “when kids should” but she did in her own time … to chase after Rocky. She did not communicate “when kids should” or “how kids who can hear should” but she did in her own time, her own way … to sign “dog” like Rocky. It was her first “word” in American Sign Language. Every milestone my blessed daughter has met has been with his help. She holds the leash every morning for his walks and he does not tug or yank her. She feed him treats after these walks as part of her routine. She puts food in his bowl when she see’s it is empty and she will sit with him and he will patiently wait while she feeds him by hand, one piece at a time.

He is a wonderful dog and I am so thankful to have found him through the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. You all do amazing things for the animals you help. I am so grateful for every one of you though I may not, have not, and will probably never meet you. Thank you.

~Diana Werner

1. My husband’s favorite pose: snaggle.
2. When Elle was just shy of one year he would watch her play in her “toy chair”.
3. They Hold Hands.
4. They just sit around.
5. And they snuggle, a lot.

She adores her dog.

Mia & Ripley

Here are before and after pictures of the babies, Mia (white) and Ripley. I adopted them about two years ago when I lost my cat Flagler. I had picked out Mia (Bianca by Human Society) on the website and Ripley (Samurai by HS) grabbed at me from one of the cages as I went by – he quickly demonstrated his case for adoption.

The cats are such an important part of my life and have brought me such pleasure. My adoption experience with the Human Society was amazing and I remain impressed with the systems you have in place and how many homes you find for animals. Thank you so much!

~Dawn Johnson


Hi! My name is Olivia and on April 24th I adopted a medium haired calico kitten. Her new name is Katniss (it was sugar) and when I adopted her she was very shy and a little scared around people. When I brought her home she tried to find a place to hide, she slept in a crate because we wanted to see if she new how to use her litter box. Last night, she slept curled up next to my head all night.

If you saw her now, you wouldn’t think she was the same kitten. She is now super spunky, a people cat, and she LOVES to play! I want to thank the Humane Society for bringing me and my sweet little kitty together! If I ever adopt another pet, this is where I will go!

~Olivia Hamilton

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