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We adopted Milo a couple of weeks ago, on June the sixth. Milo never stops playing with his adopted sister Hanna. Milo is very well house broken and always lets us know when he wants to go outside. We have taught him a couple new tricks like hug and wave.

He is the best addition to our family that we could have ever hoped for. We take him to the dog park to knock over the water bowls every other day and he LOVES it there. We’ve also decided to take him to the dog beach and he LOVED that too! There isn’t a person or pet that walks by that Milo doesn’t want to meet! We love him so much and we’re so happy to have him in our family. 🙂

~Jackie and Paul and Hanna


We adopted Diesel February 12, 2012. He is a 2 year old doberman that we renamed Jameson. We are so thankful to have found him and have him in our lives, he brightens us each and every day. He is so loving and playful and loves to jump on the bed and cuddle with you.

When we adopted him he was heart worm positive and now his health is perfect and he loves going to the dog park. We met another doberman at the dog park who Jameson loves to play with, and decided that Jameson needs a little brother or sister and so do we. If you come across any dobermans either younger or around Jameson’s age please feel free to contact us as we are looking to adopt another doberman.

~Michael Schenck


I adopted Maisy (aka Heidi) on Memorial day weekend of 2011 & have had her for a little over a year. I intentionally went looking for an older dog (out of the puppy stage) because I wanted an animal with energy that was already slightly trained & could not have found a better dog. It took a little while for her & her 2 kitty sisters to learn how to get along but now they interact as if they have been together forever.

When I first adopted Maisy, she was very insecure & scared of being alone (which wasn’t surprising since per her adoption records, she had been returned twice). I spent 6 months trying to figure out why not 1 but 2 people (or sets of people) could have given away this beautifully loving & very cuddly dog. I finally realized it is because she was meant to be with our family & that’s why she fits it so well. We all love her so much & cannot imagine life without her 🙂

Laura Eckenroth

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