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Special Spay/Neuter Promotion for Pit Bulls & Pit Bull Mixes!

We love Pit Bulls! What we don’t love is that there are so many unwanted Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Mixes who are euthanized in shelters. That is why we are now offering discounted spay/neuter surgeries for Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes at our Animal Health Center.

Spaying/neutering is the single-most effective, documented method of reducing euthanasia rates. If making our already low surgery prices even more affordable will help save more of these wonderful dogs, we are happy to do so!

If Pit Bull/Pit Bull mix owners do not qualify for Hillsborough County Animal Services $10 spay/neuter voucher, we will discount their surgery by $25.00.


    Under 50 pounds: $85
    Over 50 pounds: $90


    Under 50 pounds: $95
    Over 50 pounds: $115
Please call 813.870.3304 for more information or to make your appointment!

Photos by Krista Sparkman



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe adopted toy poodle mix GATSBY (formerly known as Pierre) on Feb 15th from you and wanted to share that he is doing so much better and we are in love with him. When we picked up Gatsby he was very quiet and a little sick (we were told that he probably had kennel cough) and the next day we took him to his designated vet (in our area) for a general check-up.

Since then (and with the help of some powerful antibiotics and lots of love and “kisses” on our part) Gatsby has fully adapted to his new home and we think that he believes he is the “prince” in this house. Friends and family could not wait to see him and Gatsby certainly enjoys the attention. Yesterday Gatsby also got his first bath and grooming session and now he looks like a prince, too!

We wanted to thank all the staff and volunteers at the Humane Society that they are doing such a wondeful jub in caring for all the animals over there and trying to give them a second (or third) chance. Also, our experience at the Humane Society was wonderful, with Dana explaining everything in detail and giving us valuable tips regarding dog care etc.

We attached a photo of Gatsby taken right after his appointment at the grooming salon for you to see how handsome he is!


Eddie and Ozlem Tan


louieI first saw Louie on the Humane Society webpage while at FSU in Tallahassee while he was still named Colt, and he stole my heart. I called my mom begging her to just go see him, but she said she did not have time. Little did I know, she went to see him that day after work & fell in love with him as well. louie2The next day while sitting in class, I checked the website & saw Colt wasn’t on there anymore, and my heart sank into my chest and tears filled my eyes. I called my mom as soon as I got out and cried to her, I couldn’t believe he was gone! She tells me to check my messages and call her back, so I look on my phone and its a picture of her holding my sweet little boy!!!! louie1Words cannot express how happy I was! I raced home to Tampa as fast as I could to get my brown ball of fluff in my arms. Nothing has made me happier than my Louie, and I have to thank my mom and the Humane Society for that. I look forward to giving Louie the long, healthy, and happy life he deserves.

Brittany O’Berry

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