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Great People, Great Pets!

Great people, beautiful animals! Altogether a wonderful place! Love my baby Edison (doodle)!

~Megan Elizabeth Richards



This is Troy, formally known as Dale. The best thing I’ve ever done was to go in and grab him. Big pup with a bigger heart.

All he wants to do is cuddle and be by my side. He is friends with all; the most popular dog at the dog park and beach. The funniest pup in the whole family dog group.




zoey4Hello!! I wanted to share an update on our dog that we adopted from you guys on April 14th. Her name was Lucy when she was there, but we changed it to Zoey to avoid confusion since my cousin’s dog is name Lucy! First off, everyone there was extremely helpful and patient with us as we took half of the dogs out to meet them! Our first stop upon leaving there was the pet store, where Zoey picked out one of everything.

It was a very busy first day, so she went to bed early. There was some confusion about who the crate was for also.

zoey3Zoey was a little scared at first of her new world. There were two mean cats (they seemed so much bigger when hissing and growling at her!) and a lot of weird smells. She would cower and wasn’t very hungry. We introduced her to the bay and the lake near our home, but she was terrified of both of them. Her fear of water did not last very long though! Now she won’t stay out of it

The Wednesday after we picked her up we decided to take her in for a trim and a good cleaning. She wasn’t a fan of the clippers but she really liked the attention. After that she went for a walk on Bayshore to show off her new style and ate dinner with some friends in downtown Tampa.

She got to spend her first full weekend at my cousin’s beach house, just relaxing with her new parents. She loved it!! We practically had to drag her back inside and she loved walking around the little town and smelling everything. And I mean EVERYTHING!! And watch out if she sees a squirrel, it’s all over then!! =]

She is doing SO well now! She gets super excited when you grab her leash. Most days she goes to the dog park and plays at the lake near us, she adores the water now! She is so quiet and well behaved. And she’s the sweetest dog we’ve ever met. We’re so glad that we got her, even the cats think she might be okay. Thank you so much and we will be sure to keep you updated on her. She goes everywhere with us and is still getting used to it. Sometimes it’s tiresome being a puppy!zoey2

Mark, Skye & Zoey

P.S. Here area couple short videos of her playing at the lake

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