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A Place In Heaven

There is a place for these people in heaven! Thank you for caring.
~Jeannie Bizarretty Nicholson


20130711_183638I adopted Lunabelle (formerly LeAnn) from the Tampa Bay Humane Society in April 2012. She is such a friendly and loving kitty. When I first adopted her, she would follow me from room to room. She never wanted to leave my side. I had been worried about how she would respond to meeting my boyfriend (now husband); however, she was just excited to meet someone else who would give her lots of cuddles.

Nowadays, she still loves to be in the same room as me and my husband. She is generally found curled up next to us on the futon. We hit the jackpot with Lunabelle, and I am really glad that I adopted her. She makes us smile ever day.



miaIt has been almost a month that I’ve had Mia, formerly known as Tina. When I first saw her, she was a scared little thing curled up in the corner of her cage. When the handler brought her out to see how she would do outside of the cage, she ran to the first corner she could get to and curled up. I was in love the minute I saw her and when she ran to the corner I was worried I would not be able to adopt her.

Thankfully, after speaking with the manager, she had suggested that they were going to try putting her in foster care to socialize her but that if I wanted to adopt her I could. I couldn’t be anymore grateful for the opportunity! Not even a full 24 hours after adopting her and bringing her home her personality began shining through. She is such a little princess and she makes me smile every single day, even the days she has little accidents here and there. I just want to give a big thank you to the humane society for bringing Mia into my life when I most needed her.


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