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zoeWe adopted a 2 month old 15lbs lab/mix puppy named “Tonka” on August 1st. Today, she goes by the name Zoe, on her 4 month visit (about 3 and a half weeks ago) she was weighing 30lbs, stood at about 20 inches tall, and the vets believe she is actually a Dane/Curr mix. She is a happy, hyper playful pup who enjoys spending her afternoon running in circles with her best friend, Tech, a puppy my sister rescued from you guys about a week or so after we got her.

I thought you guys would enjoy a photo of how much lil’ beastie has grown in the months she has been home with us. 🙂 She is very loved, has lots of 4 legged friends to play with, lots of room to run around (and grow!) and is very happy and healthy!

Enjoy the photos!
-Sean, Shelese and Zoe <3

Leo & Alexandra

leo alexandra 2When I went to the Humane Society two different times I left with two cats, LEO and Alexandria, and they both are amazing. They sleep on me and are so loving. They wait by the door for when I come home from work. Alex loves to play fetch, and she runs and climbs and shows off. But the second a friend of mine comes over she is so shy. It is so cute, both of their personalities. LEO is always so cool and is curious about everything.

leo alexandraI love my furbabies!!! 🙂

Picture This

This film was created for the 2013 Passion For Pets fundraising luncheon. It highlights successful adoption stories and our vision for a world where every animal has a home!

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