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photoHello! I wanted to update you guys and girls on Diamond. She is a wonderful addition to the home an she and Keno play and relax with each other. I attached a picture of their nap time before crate time.

She and Keno get along great!!

Free Shots For Senior Pets

old dog“My face may be white but my heart is pure gold!”

There is no doubt about it, pets just get sweeter with age. That includes shelter pets! While a young energetic puppy may be the popular choice, there are many older pets who also need loving homes. Because of their age, they often stay with us longer even though they are just as wonderful as their younger shelter mates.

We know that older pets sometimes require more care, so we offer FREE VACCINATIONS FOR LIFE at our Animal Health Center for pets adopted from us at ten years or older! Call 813-876-7138 for more information!

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2014 Summer Making Tracks

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