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jacksonI had been frequenting the Humane Society of Tampa Bay for a few months, being on a mission to find the right dog for myself. In October 2013 I thought I had found the right pup, however I decided it just was not the right time. Then a month later I was back and saw Jackson, formerly know as Jack, and I knew right away he was the one. One look into his big puppy eyes and I was hooked. I brought my 13-year old chihuahua to come and meet him to see if they got along, and they were friends immediately.

jackson1Since day one he has been my best friend and brought so much joy to my life. He’s the most loving dog in the world, always cuddling and resting his head on me. Needless to say, his sleeping spot is next to me in bed. He even puts his head on the pillow next to mine! We love going to the doggy park, where one day we got to see the dog I had almost adopted in October, happy with his new parents! I’m so thankful I went with my instinct the day I met Jackson, I even tear up sometimes when he’s asleep with his head in my lap because I just love him so much.

jackson2I’m so grateful to Humane Society for introducing me to my best friend, I can’t imagine my life without him.


buster 4I adopted Buster in February 2013. He was heartworm positive. I nursed him back to health. He loved being in Florida, but I got a job transfer to Pittsburgh, PA.
buster 2
He loves going hiking, playing with his multiple toys, and cuddling with his mom. I want to thank you guys for what you do. You help animals find there forever homes.
buster 3buster 1

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