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Daytime TV Goes To The Dogs

Six of our adoptables were featured on WFLA’s Daytime TV Goes To The Dogs episode, 8/27/14. Adopt Don’t Shop!

CEO of Centerplate Videoed Kicking Puppy

Humane Society of Tampa Bay Executive Director weighs in on puppy being kicked by Centerplate CEO.


Processed with MoldivWe adopted Milo (Reid) just a few short weeks ago but it already seems like he has been in the family forever. He’s the light of our lives and teaches us love and patience every day. He has learned to trust us and is even working diligently on his “sit”s and “down”s!

milo1Although he didn’t know how to use the stairs when we adopted him, he is a fast and enthusiastic learner and now climbs with ease. He loves people, especially kids, but is still learning how to meet and play with other dogs. We are confident with slow and cautious interactions, he will soon know the joy of doggie pals!

milo2Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to love and care for such a great companion. He picked us as much as we picked him!

Thanks again,
Kyle & Eli

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