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I recently owned two dogs – the loves of my life. Losing them in my mother’s breakup, I was simply heartbroken. I’m an animal lover, and knew I needed another dog. Not as a replacement, but to fill my void. My mom decided we were going to adopt, so I began looking at the Humane Society of Tampa’s website.

Once I saw Sharra, I knew she was meant to be mine. When I met her, I was scared she didn’t like me, but I couldn’t give up on her. So we brought her home – and we bonded instantly, I think.

Sharra follows me around the house, loves to play (she destroyed four tennis balls in two days), and enjoys romping in the backyard. She’s my baby! During the day, I put her down for ‘naps’, so she can get some beauty rest. And she always sleeps in bed with me, slumbering through the night. She barks at people who walk by outside, but enjoys the company of our friends who come over.

This picture is of Sharra lying on top of me, napping away. A Typical Sunday. Thank you for giving me an incredible gift!

~Mara Maroney

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