Happy Tails


Processed with MoldivWe adopted Milo (Reid) just a few short weeks ago but it already seems like he has been in the family forever. He’s the light of our lives and teaches us love and patience every day. He has learned to trust us and is even working diligently on his “sit”s and “down”s!

milo1Although he didn’t know how to use the stairs when we adopted him, he is a fast and enthusiastic learner and now climbs with ease. He loves people, especially kids, but is still learning how to meet and play with other dogs. We are confident with slow and cautious interactions, he will soon know the joy of doggie pals!

milo2Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to love and care for such a great companion. He picked us as much as we picked him!

Thanks again,
Kyle & Eli


927We Adopted Brody About A Year Ago. August Will Make 1 Year. He Has Grown Into A Wonderful Playful German Shepherd Mix.
He Loves To Eat.. And He’s An Attention Hog. He Gets Along With All Other Pets In The House.. But Tends To Chase The Cats All The Time.. And He Loves To Eat All My Shoes.. He’s The Best Dog Ever. And He’s Very Happy.


ravenHi ! My fiancé and I adopted Raven a black lab in March, the day we went to the shelter was just to “look” until we saw
Raven and fell in love with her. She was already scheduled to meet another family so we had to wait and see if they decided to take her. We waited at the shelter for 4 hours to be able to meet raven one on one, not knowing if she was going to be adopted by the family that was scheduled to meet her. We received the news they were not going to adopt her and we were filled with joy. We were the last people to leave the shelter and needles to say we do not regret waiting, she is a wonderful dog, and we couldn’t be happier.

We love to see her happy and she gets along great with our other dogs that were also rescues. We do not know their past but we do know we will do everything in our power to give them a wonderful and spoiled future:)

Thank you to the humane society of Tampa for giving us the chance to take home such a wonderful gift 🙂

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