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 BoscoMy husband adopted Bosco last March. I believe this was a God driven adoption. My husband works on the pipeline. He is only home a few times a year. Bosco started with an aggressive behavior toward me. Now he knows I am his Mom & loves me so much. He is very protective of me & sleeps on my pillow in my arms every night. I love him so much. He gets along great with our other dogs. I just wanted you guys to know what joy he has brought to me. Thanks for all your hard work & dedication.

~William & Lisa


 ReeseI adopted Marco, who now goes by Reese, in November 2012. To say he changed my life would be an understatement. He has taught me what it means to be selfless, and a lot of times his needs come before mine. He loves to go to the dog beach, go on runs, and most of all cuddle. He has the most loving personality of any dog I have ever met. He quickly found his forever home with me, because I quickly fell in love with him.



A year ago, on December 27, 2012 we were lucky that Phil decided he wanted us to be his forever family. Phil was very sad when we first met him….he had been returned to the humane society a week before we met him and was depressed. Honestly, we had no intention of adopting a dog, nor did we want to adopt an older dog…but we felt bad because he looked so sad and my son and I decided to play with him. Phil won our heart and after putting him back in his cage and going back to check on him we knew we had to have him. Phil is the best dog ever…he is super sweet and such a cuddler. We brought him home and my husband and I decided that because we weren’t sure if he was housebroken we should crate him. …that lasted less than a week…not one “mistake” in the house and his perminant sleeping place became our boys bedroom. Every night phil and I have our cuddle time before bed. I cannot remember our life before Phil. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of being Phil’s family. We love him with all of our heart.


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