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Oreo & Tank

 Oreo & TankHello!! We recently added a new family member to our household whose name was Pepin but we changed to Oreo. He’s now best friends with our other dog who we adopted from here as well, Tank (his original name). They’re extremely friendly, caring, loving and just simply the most amazing dogs anyone could ever have!

 Oreo & Tank


We adopted “Princess” Dec. 21 then changed her name to “Gracie”. She loves her new home and her other animal buddies. She is up to date on all her shots. She is already spoiled. Loves sleeping on the couch with Paucho and Bella. Outdoor time is nice also. She is appreciative and gives us lots of loving licks! She is a real sweetie!

Champ & Samantha

My golden chow, Buddy, passed in Oct 2011 and we miss him so much. we went to the humane society the very next day and found our Champion! Although, Champ can never replace Buddy, he is our special guy and helped us through a very sad time. Then a month to the day, we came back and adopted Samantha. What a sweetheart! Champ protects her every day. We are very lucky humans to have the both of them in our lives. They took over my home like they belonged and they will NEVER have to worry about not having a family again. Our commitment is for life and they know just how much we love them.

Thank you Humane Society for letting us adopt them and most of all, Thank you for all you do! My babies are a regular at your vet center where they are treated with great care and love!

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