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Precious Not Parents


Puppies and kittens can get pregnant at 4 months of age. Get them fixed for $20 in June because unplanned births create millions of pets with no home. Contact our Animal Hospital at 813-870-3304 or to schedule your appointment.

Appointments required. Pets must be under six months of age. Funded by PetSmart Charities.

HSTB Marks Give Day By Saving Lives

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is marking the second annual Give Day Tampa Bay, Tuesday, May 5, 2015, with an event that truly embodies who we are: we’ll be facilitating an emergency transfer of more than 30 puppies and dogs to our shelter. That’s right, we’ll be saving 30+ lives!

Last week, St. Martin Parish Animal Services (Louisiana) suffered severe damage during a storm and half their kennels were destroyed. Thirty of their displaced pets will arrive at our shelter Tuesday afternoon* and be cared for by our loving staff and volunteers until they are ready for adoption and new forever homes. This is a large undertaking that will require extra funds to be spent to medicate, house, feed and enrich the lives of these animals, but it is one we could not turn down.

Not only are we saving 30 animals who have nowhere else to go, but we are supporting another animal welfare organization working hard to do what is best for animals in their state. The animal welfare world is a small one and helping each other is a tenet of our philosophy.

Below are just some of the precious souls who will arrive on May 5 and will directly benefit from donations made through Give Day Tampa Bay.

We’ll also be celebrating Give Day Tampa Bay with a Cinco De Mayo adoption special– $5 adoptions on all animals age 4 months and older. We hope to help some adult residents who’ve been with us for a while find their forever homes today.

*Media: if you’d like to cover the arrival of the emergency transfer, please call 813-774-4313 for the specific time.

Six of the 30+ displaced pets from St. Martin Parish Animal Services who will arrive at our shelter on Tuesday May 5, 2015.

Six of the 30+ displaced pets from St. Martin Parish Animal Services who will arrive at our shelter on Tuesday May 5, 2015.

Shelter Cat Helps Feline Friend In Need

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Sugar came to us when her owner could no longer care for her. At just two years old, she still has so much life and love to give and quickly became a favorite among our staff. On Thursday, April 30, she also became a hero when she gave her own blood to one of our hospital patients needing a transfusion.

Panther came to our animal hospital with a huge tumor on his mouth. A volunteer for Meals On Wheels had noticed him at one of her client’s houses and called us to see if we could help. Our surgery specialist, Dr. Justin Boorstein, assessed Panther and found that he could remove the tumor along with half of his lower jaw to solve the health crisis and make him more comfortable.

Because of the intricate nature of the surgery, Panther would need a blood transfusion and that is where our Sugar stepped in. Her weight, blood type and age were the perfect match for Panther and she allowed our hospital staff to poke and prod without complaint. It was as if she considered it a little adventure to be out of the cat lanai and meeting new people!

The transfusion and Panther’s surgery went well and Sugar is feeling wonderful today, ready to go to a forever home. Panther is still at our hospital recovering from the extensive surgery and we are hoping for the best outcome for his health.

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