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Tuesday is for Lenore


In just one day, you can make a lifetime of change.

Dogs like Lenore (pictured above) often stay with us for weeks, even months. Because they are over 4 months old or of an ordinary breed like “hound dog”, they are often overlooked. And, yet, they are bursting with love to give and the hope that one day they’ll find a family who believes they are just PERFECT. We can tell you, they ARE.

If you are not in the position to adopt you can still help by sponsoring a pet like Lenore. Your donation helps cover the cost of caring for our long-term residents and gives us the resources to take in even more pets.

This TUESDAY, MAY 3, join us for GIVE DAY TAMPA BAY and help make a difference in the lives of LOCAL animals. That is what Give Day Tampa Bay is all about- giving locally to support our beautiful and vibrant community.

ANY amount is helpful and appreciated, here are some ideas of how far your dollars go:

  • $25 will provide shelter to one homeless animal for a day
  • $50 will provide vaccinations for a homeless animal
  • $100 will cover the cost of spay/neuter surgery for one homeless animal
  • $250 will cover the cost of life-saving Heartworm treatment for one dog
  • $500 will cover the cost of special surgery for an ill or injured animal
  • $1,000 will cover the cost of food, shelter, and medical care for a litter of underage puppies or kittens

Foster Friday with Catfish


Many thanks to US 103.5 and Catfish for helping us get the word out about how FOSTERING SAVES LIVES! Every Friday, Catfish will talk about our foster program on his broadcast and share pictures and video clips to help educate his fans. He recently stopped by the shelter to cuddle some fosterlings (pictured above) and learn all there is to know about the program!


In some cases, animals that are surrendered to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay (HSTB) are too young, too small or have health needs that make them unavailable for immediate adoption. In 1997, the HSTB decided to do something about this dilemma by introducing our Foster Care Program. Whenever feasible, these animals will be sent to temporary foster homes for nurturing, socialization and specialized care until they are ready for adoption. If we didn’t have foster homes, these animals may be euthanized. The more foster homes we have, the more lives can be saved.


  • Anyone who cares about animals and is willing to donate their time and provide lots of tender loving care.
  • Retirees, homemakers, people who work at home or have flexible work schedules all would be good candidates for this program.


  • Must be over 18
  • Must have an extra room or space in your home to keep foster animals separate from other pets
  • Must make return visits to our shelter as required for your foster pets’ treatment and continued care
  • Should have all personal pets up to date on all vaccinations and examinations


  • Lots of hard work
  • Even MORE love and reward

Minimal- the Humane Society of Tampa Bay provides food, supplies and veterinary care through our shelter veterinarian

You can download a foster application HERE or contact our Foster Care Coordinator at 813-774-4346 or

Fostering in Action

Helping Penny Shine Again

Penny came to us a little scuffed up, but our amazing veterinary team is working to polish her up so that she can sparkle and shine again! Penny came in as a stray with a large and very painful abscess on her neck. Though she tried to be friendly, it was hard for her to interact because she hurt so much. We immediately placed her on antibiotics and pain medication to help ease her suffering. Once stable, we performed surgery to drain and flush the wound. At first we thought the abscess was relatively new but surgery revealed that it was an old injury that had gone untreated. When Penny woke up from the surgery and no longer had throbbing pain, she was like a new dog, full of wiggles and kisses and snuggles for her new friends.

It seems that at one time, she was a loved pet as she has already been spayed, has had knee surgery and appears to be crate- and house-trained. Unfortunately, she is also heartworm positive which we will also treat. Although she is on the mend, her neck area is very sensitive and she will need to wear a harness until it is completely healed. We don’t expect her to be ready for adoption for another several days to a week. So, stay tuned if you are interested in making her part of your family.

If you would like to contribute to Penny’s medical care please donate here or text ADOPT to 243725 ‪

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