Community Service

Community Service

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay does allow people to work off their COURT ORDERED community service hours depending on the type of offense committed. No one who commits abuse of an animal or child is permitted to complete community service hours at our organization. Other offenses will be determined at the discretion of the Kennel Supervisor. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay requires people to apply themselves and stay productive during their time at the shelter. Punctuality is required and those who are habitually tardy will be dismissed.

NOTE: The Humane Society of Tampa Bay takes great pride in caring for all animals and expects the same from anyone entering this facility.

To register for Community Service hours please come in Sunday – Thursday between 1pm – 3pm and talk to Tammy Nohrer, Community Service Coordinator. Bring an actual copy of your charge, photo ID, your hourly tracking sheet and any other forms you need completed. If you have any further questions, you may call Tammy at (813) 774-4317.

Community Service Rules & Expectations Minimize

Thank you for considering giving back to the community at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Listed below are the rules and regulations set forth to ensure the hours worked help both you and the homeless pets who benefit from your service.

1) You are required to arrive on-time and be ready to work. Start time is Monday through Sunday at 8:30 am sharp. Please use the door by Leroy Street and ring the bell.

2) You must report to the Kennel Supervisor, Tammy Nohrer, when you arrive, for all breaks and when you leave. If Tammy is not here when you arrive, please report to TJ Sill.

3) Proper attire is required. No sandals, flip-flops, or tank or tube tops. Rubber soled, closed toe shoes are best (i.e. gym shoes or work boots). You may get bleach on your clothing so please wear appropriate clothing. Do not wear anything that could be construed as offensive or too revealing.

4) Breaks are 10 minutes long and you can take 1 break for every 4 hours worked. If you are working a full 8 hours, a break room is available with a refrigerator.

5) Water and a beverage vending machine are on-site.

6) Community service individuals are NOT to take animals out of cages unless part of cleaning responsibilities.

7) If your work is complete please report to the kitchen – there are always dishes to be washed or laundry to be done. If you need the Kennel Supervisor, Tammy Nohrer, ask one of the employees to page or call him. If he is not available, ask a staff member if you need additional work.

8) Any scheduled community service hours are expected to be fulfilled as committed. You must also be willing to be available to work at least 4 (four) hours on any scheduled day. A 3 (three) day advance notice of an absence is REQUIRED. Unless absences are pre-approved by the Kennel Supervisor you will no longer be allowed to continue your community service at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. If any unscheduled hours are performed, they will NOT be counted toward your community service hours.

9) Anyone appearing to be under the influence of ANY substance will be immediately dismissed.

10) No cell phone usage while working. Cell phones may be used at break times.

11) Remember at all times you are representing HSTB so always be courteous and have a smile.

12) Parking is located on the other side of Leroy Street at Gulf Fabrics along Armenia Ave.

13) You will receive a green name tag that says H.P.A. (Helping People & Animals). You must wear this name tag at all times while you are on HSTB property.

14) Jobs you will be asked to do include cleaning cages for dogs and cats, sweeping and mopping, dishes, loading and unloading food and/or laundry, Food Assistance and other assorted jobs as needed.

15) At anytime you can be dismissed from your community service hours at the Kennel Supervisor, Director of Shelter Operations, or Executive Director’s discretion.

Happy Tails # 184

I just wanted to let you know how great Gus is doing (his name was Marmaduke when he was at your location). He is such a wonderful dog. He is so calm, loving and sweet. We take long walks every day and he’s learned tons of new tricks. It took him 4 days to become potty trained and I am constantly surprised at how smart he is!

I want to thank you for helping me make such a wonderful addition to my life. Enjoy the picture and Merry Christmas!!


Torrey and Gus Rollwagen

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