Dog Reunited With Family After 5 Years Missing

bella Dog Reunited With Family After 5 Years Missing

Bella greets her parents after nearly 6 years of separation.

Bella was adopted from our shelter to Simone Torres and William Holland when she was just eight months old. After having her for a year, she went missing and her new parents were devastated.

Today, after five years of separation, Bella was brought to Hillsborough County Animal Services as a stray and the microchip that we gave her years ago was traced back to her owners. They were ecstatic and went to pick her up right away! They immediately brought her to our Animal Health Center to be checked out for any health issues.

We are so happy that Bella was found and able to reunite with the people who love her. Please make sure your pets are microchipped, it really can make the difference between being lost and found … even after years!

Each Sunday, the Animal Health Center offers free microchips with any regular veterinary service. Find Out More.

Watch the FOX 13 news coverage!

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