Community Cat Partnership with HCAS

Community Cat Partnership With HCAS

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The first 25 cats transferred to HSTB for TNVR services on January 17, 2014. PIctured: Jack Talman

On December 18, 2013 the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners approved to amend the Hillsborough County Animal Control Ordinance to accommodate the practice of TNR (trap/neuter/return) and to include exceptions for “ear-tipped” cats from certain provisions (six out of seven commissioners voted “yes”).

This action gave us the green light to begin the two-year plot program with HCAS that allows for 2,000 stray cats per year to be returned to their neighborhoods after being sterilized and vaccinated at HSTB. Before the program, these cats would have been euthanized. Not only will this save the lives of thousands of cats, it will also be a cost savings for taxpayers.

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TNVR Manager, Darlene Esposito, receives a transfer of cats from HCAS.

On Sunday, January 19, 2014, the first 25 cats were transferred to us to be sterilized and vaccinated and those cats were returned to their neighborhoods the following day. Without this initiative, those cats would have been put to death.

This program is part of the county’s “Be The Way Home Plan” aimed at reducing euthanasia in our community.

Leo & Alexandria
leo alexandra 2 Community Cat Partnership with HCAS
When I went to the Humane Society two different times I left with two cats, LEO and Alexandria, and they both are amazing. They sleep on me and are so loving. They wait by the door for when I come home from work. Alex loves to play fetch, and she runs and climbs and shows off. But the second a friend of mine comes over she is so shy. It is so cute, both of their personalities. LEO is always so cool and is curious about everything. I love my furbabies!!!


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