TNVR Works

TNVR Stops the Reproduction Cycle

Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return is a humane and proven alternative to the traditional “Catch & Kill” method of Community Cat control.

    Not only is Catch & Kill more costly to taxpayers, but it does not address the root of the problem, reproduction. As soon as one colony of cats is removed another moves in to take advantage of the newly available shelter and a food source. This new colony continues to reproduce and the cycle continues. This well-documented “vacuum-effect” is a cruel and endless cycle that does not solve anything.

    TNVR, on the other hand, humanely and effectively stops the cycle of reproduction allowing the population of cats to stabilize. Furthermore, cats treated through TNVR are less susceptible to disease and cease to display undesirable behaviors associated with mating (spraying, fighting, etc.).

    In December 2011, Hillsborough County Commissioners passed a resolution recognizing Trap-Neuter-Return to better control community cat populations the practice of TNR.

TNVR Reduces Euthanasia Rates & Saves Money

Community Cats are unadoptable because they are not socialized to humans. Therefore, if brought to shelters they are killed.

    In the past five years in Tampa Bay, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and ACT have trapped, neutered, vaccinated and returned over 32,293 community cats. This has helped contribute to a 46% decrease in the euthanasia rate of cats in our community.

    This has been done at no charge to taxpayers. Private citizens and nonprofit agencies have absorbed the cost of the surgery and vaccinations.

    This has also contributed to a 35% decrease in intake of cats at Hillsborough County Animal Services, saving more taxpayer money.

    The Effect of TNVR in Hillsborough County 2006-2014

    Includes statistics from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Pet Resource Center & Animal Coalition of Tampa

    Includes statistics from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Pet Resource Center & Animal Coalition of Tampa

    Cat Intake & Euthanasia in Hillsborough County – Compared to Number of Cat’s TNVR’d


    Watch these wonderful, informative video showing how TNR works!

    Video courtesy of San Antonio Community Cats Project

    Video courtesy of Best Friends Animal Society


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