Accountability & Transparency

Accountability & Transparency

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is proud to have been rated a Four-Star Charity by Charity Navigator for five consecutive years. We adhere to ethical business practices and are committed to complete financial transparency. We are grateful for every donation and you can rest assured that your money is being used responsibly and for the purpose(s) you intend.

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Last Saturday, we added a new “baby” to our home. We adopted, Doc, now Bella. She has added so much happiness and love to our family. My older son’s dog, Jack, (the english sheepdog/lab shown in pic) has welcomed Bella and it is truly “Puppy Love”. How can you not love that little face! It’s hard to walk past her without giving her kisses and holding her tight … I have learned one lesson though- ALWAYS, always, kiss YOUR puppy first. I was kissing Jack and Bella good night- Jack was first and as I turned around, Bella slammed into my lip, head first, giving me a big fat, bruised lip! She is a bit impatient sometimes … LOL

In just a short week of bringing her home, she has learned so much. She sits, lays down, rolls over and is doing very well with potty training. Bella is one smart cookie!

Her legs are getting stronger, from all the exercise. She has gone from wobbling all over the wood floors, to standing her ground and now, can even jump on the couch! She shares many toys with her best friend, Jack- but, definitely knows what toys are specifically hers!

During the quiet moments, petting Bella to sleep, I am brought to the thought- What if the humane society hadn’t saved her?? It makes me sad to think of how many puppies don’t get that chance, but happy and so incredibly thankful, that we have the opportunity to show her the love she deserves and to give her a chance at life!

Thank you all- FOR EVERYTHING you do! I appreciate the kindness and all the staff, that helped us to go home with Bella. I wish more families would come in and give all these wonderful puppies/dogs, cats/kittens, a real chance at a happy home! I will do my best to encourage those I know, to make their next pet choice thru the Humane Society.

Warm regards, Maureen Uhlig and son, Danny 🙂

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