Memorial/ Honorary Plaque

Memorial Plaques

Loss is not easy. Sometimes remembering in a very special way helps us heal. HSTB offers memorial plaques that are placed on a cat cottage or a dog run and serve as a tribute to your beloved pet.

Honorary Plaques

Celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, wedding proposals or a new pet with a commemorative plaque that will be placed on a dog run or a cat cottage.

Be creative! Give your loved one’s something truly unique!

Download the Memorial Plaque Form here

Your donations allow us to:

  • Shelter dogs and cats until they find forever homes
  • Provide low cost spay/neuter for owned pets
  • Deliver pet food to homebound and elderly citizens so they can keep their animal companions
  • Provide humane euthanasia to the public when it is time for your beloved pet to pass away peacefully
  • Help lower the feral cat overpopulation through TNVR
  • Provide affordable vet care at our Wellness Clinic
  • Supply free pet food for people in financial need
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    Happy Tails # 111
    I just want to say thanks to every one that helped my family get zuko and a special thanks to all who supported him in making him a part of our life. He was shy at first which is to be expected in a new home, but after a couple of hours he made his way around and is doing very well at this time, very cuddling and playful. Hope you all enjoy these pictures of him as I am very happy with him. He is sleeping in my bed right now were he has decided its his too. Thanks again!

    Robert Hill

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