Help me help my fur-friends.

-GP, the self-appointed liaison between pets & people. Give Now

Hello Humans.

You might be wondering if you've acquired some sort of super power by being able to communicate with me. The answer is no. I'm just special. I'm contacting you because my fur-friends at the Humane Society need your help. I, the self-appointed liaison between pets and people, am starting a fund. Donations have not been enough to help all of the animals that show up on our doorstep and the essentials like food, bedding, and medicine are extremely limited. So, now is your time to shine. Help me help my fur friends. Please. And thank you.

Meet GP

Get to know the Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s Greatest Pig.


Animal Intake Center

350 donations of $100 provides life-saving surgeries, treatments and vaccinations to our newly rescued pets for one month.


Make it More Like Home

It takes 300 donations of $25 to feed and shelter our animals for one day.


Dope Dogs & Cool Cats

Often times, our rescues with the biggest hearts and best personalities are overlooked because of their size, age, and fur color.


Care for the Community

We give free food assistance and low cost veterinary care to people who can't fully provide for their pets, as well as popular community and kids programs.


Help your pets here

Our non-profit animal hospital, which is gold standard (AAHA) certified, gives our community affordable, top-quality care to homeless animals.