Hurricane & Disaster Info

Disaster Preparedness

We want to help you and your family (furry members included) to be prepared in the unfortunate event of a disaster.

You can find all the information you need to keep your pet safe by downloading our Animal Disaster Kit.

Local Pet Friendly Shelters

There are FOUR pet friendly shelters in Hillsborough County.  It is very important that your pets are up-to-date on vaccinations as shelters will not allow pets to enter if you don’t have current vaccination paperwork for each pet.  Visit our Animal Health Center pages for vaccination information.

I adopted Calypso (then “Brooke”) from the Humane Society in late November. I had just lost my beloved cat, Nox, a few months before and was hoping to welcome a new cat into our home to fill the void in our hearts. I was able to go into the cat room and play with her for a while and they even let us have our own private room to get to know her better before bringing her home. She was shy for the first two or three weeks I brought her home but now she’s the most playful, affectionate, energetic and sweet cat I could have asked for. Not to mention the most photogenic! I am constantly snapping photos of her and all my friends and relatives comment on how gorgeous she is. It’s so hard to believe she was at a kill shelter before the Humane Society rescued her! Who wouldn’t want her?! She’s the absolute love of my life and I was so worried about finding a new kitty after the loss of Nox, but she is everything I wanted in a cat. I had considered going to a breeder but decided it was more responsible to find a cat in need of a home instead and I’m so glad I chose the Humane Society. I’ve recommended it to friends looking for a pet. Calypso is the perfect companion and brings me so much joy. I can’t thank you enough.


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