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Food Assistance Program

Helping People Keep Their Pets

Through our Food Assistance Program we have been able to help hundreds of families keep their pets even when going through financial hardship. We know no one wants to surrender their pets because they can’t afford to feed them. Food Assistance at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay provides free pet food to families who are unable to purchase food for their dogs and cats because of their financial situation.

If you are in need of pet food please visit the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Monday thru Friday between 12 noon and 7:00pm and Saturday thru Sunday between 10:00am and 5:00pm. PLEASE NOTE: We fill the bins in the morning and when it is gone, there is no more food available that day. We recommend coming early if you need food.

BREEDERS: If you have unaltered male(s) and unspayed female(s) that have litters of puppies please consider having your pets spayed/neutered. The thousands of homeless pets in your community would be forever grateful. You may even qualify for the $10 spay/neuter voucher. Please click here for the application.

Animeals Program

Humane Society of Tampa Bay volunteers deliver free pet food once a month to homebound and elderly residents in Hillsborough County. The Animeals program enables homebound individuals to keep their furry companions even if they are unable to leave the house to buy pet food. People who have access to transportation are asked to use the Food Assistance program at the shelter.

The Animeals program delivers only dry dog & cat food. Due to budget constraints, we are unable to deliver specialty food.

Click here for an Animeals application.

Our dedicated team of volunteers use their own vehicles and cover their own gas mileage for this program. HSTB currently assists 125 residents at a cost of $1,500 per month. If you or your company has any interest in sponsoring Animeals, please contact the Director of Development at (813) 774-4346. If you would like additional information on Animeals or know someone in need of these services, please contact the Volunteer Manager at (813) 774-4344.

In this photo a HSTB volunteer loads up his car getting ready to deliver pet food for the Animeals program.

Do you need assistance?

If you are unable to afford pet food at this time, but you have transportation please visit our Food Assistance Program- Casper’s Cupboard page to learn more about how we can help.


Thank you to Banfield Charitable Trust for sponsoring Animeals!

We couldn’t do it without your help. Pet food for our Food Assistance Program is stocked from donations of concerned individuals, families and organizations. If you would like to host a pet food drive we would be grateful for your help! Food donations can be dropped off at our shelter during business hours. Email us before you come so that we can be sure to get a picture for social media and our quarterly newsletter!

Our Wish List

Click here to find out what items are most needed at this time!

Happy Tails # 275
Chai is doing well. He’s spoiled as ever. Happy, I think. He now plays with his toys but still getting used to the house but he finally found a place that he really loves. Next step is walking him out….. that would be really fun. I will let you how he does.

Alvin and Chai


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