Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight

Leslie Menichino

Leslie Volunteer Spotlight

Leslie Menichino has been volunteering with HSTB for more than two years and in that time has donated almost 300 hours of her time. Leslie has a strong passion for the animals she helps, and it shows in her enthusiasm. She assists with both special events and outreach events. In fact, we would not be able to do some of our recurring outreach events without her help.

When not helping with events, Leslie enjoys spending time walking the dogs at the shelter. She is always sure to give them a little extra TLC. Whatever she is doing for HSTB, Leslie is enthusiastic, helpful and always looking for a way to promote our programs and services to the community. Leslie shows her HSTB pride at events and shares her love for the organization and the animals with others. She is an amazing volunteer, and we are extremely lucky to have her as part of the our team!

Volunteer Appreciation

365 days a year, volunteers from all over the Tampa Bay area and beyond come to HSTB to play with puppies, walk dogs, keep the company of cats and kittens, help our clinic staff, work with potential adopters and attend special events in the community! In one year, our volunteer hours equal that of 15 full time employees! We cannot thank our volunteers enough for all the time and compassion they give to the animals.

Volunteers make the HSTB world go around. Do you have pictures of HSTB volunteers doing what they love best? Please submit to: volunteer@humanesocietytampa.org Thanks!

Happy Tails # 642
happytale642 Volunteer Spotlight
Hello – About 10 days ago I was looking at the adorable adoptable pets on your website when I came across a cute Pekingese named “Ace.” I grew up with Pekes so he caught my interest immediately… When I read his story, I cried. He had an eye injury that went untreated so he had to have his left eye removed. In addition, he had been diagnosed with chronic dry eye which would require lifelong treatment. At 6 years old and with his “special needs,” I feared that Ace would never find his forever home! I talked to my husband and convinced him Ace needed us. Our house was already pretty full with 2 very young children and 3 cats, but I knew he belonged in our family. We adopted him Sunday, September 19th and couldn’t be happier! He’s so sweet and relaxed. His kitty sisters and brother have gotten used to him already; his mellow temperament made that easy. I think the most active we’ve seen him was right after his bath – he was so cute running around the house! We are so happy we could give Ace his forever home!

Thanks to everyone there for making sure Ace got a second chance!

Warm Regards,

Cytina, Todd, Spencer, Parker, Minny, Ruthie, Stewie and Ace

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