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Bob Reina has drawn the line. He won’t adopt any more stray animals.

He will donate more than a million dollars to animal causes. Absolutely. Just no more pets in his house. Definitely. Probably. Most likely not.

Reina already needs two full-time housekeepers to keep up with all the pet hair and whatnot from his 11 dogs and cats.

There are the three basset hounds: Presley, Blue Bell and Stormy. There’s Bindi, rescued by Reina after the pup lost a leg to an alligator attack. There’s a Labrador mix, Sport, who “looks like a giraffe,” Reina says, with a tiny head and long legs and neck.

The dogs and Reina share the house with five stray and rescued cats: Scrappy, Mystery, Chance, Madison and Lucky.

“I’m just a big animal lover, and always have been my whole life,” Reina said. “Animals can’t help themselves though. There are a lot of great causes in the world, but I have an affinity for pets and always have.”

Reina is a former Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputy who started a small technology company called Talk Fusion and has enjoyed enough success for him to donate to animal causes in a big way.

Earlier this year, he wrote a $250,000 check to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay at its annual gala. Now he’s following up with another $750,000. The money will allow the society to build a low-cost vet services clinic for people who could not afford to get their animals checkups, shots, spay and neuter services, and diagnostic tests.

More than once, Reina has picked up the vet bills of other families, said Darryl Shaw, chief executive of the BluePearl Veterinary Partners vet clinic group.

“I don’t know on how many occasions he would overhear another family express their inability to afford lifesaving care and silently take care of the bill himself,” Shaw said.

Shaw said Reina recently funded BluePearl’s annual appreciation day for pet blood donors.

“When it comes to the well-being of animals,” Shaw said. “Bob’s generosity seems to have no bounds.

RICHARD MULLINS | The Tampa Tribune
Published: December 27, 2011

From left to right, Commissioner Mark Sharpe, Commissioner Kevin Beckner, Commissioner Sandra Murman, HSTB Board President Connie Johnson, Treasurer Mike Neff, Exective Director Sherry Silk, Rose Ferlita, Allison Roberts, Bob Reina, Linda Reitz, Vice President Mary Birrell, City Councilwoman Yvonne Capin, Richard Gonzmart, Cynthia Sarff, Secretary Patti Sutherland, Justin Klatsky, Morris Massey, Christopher Stevens

On Monday, December 12, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay held the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the new Talk Fusion Animal Health Center. This historical day was made possible by a one million dollar pledge from Brandon-based video communication company Talk Fusion to help build the organization’s new Animal Health Center.

“We are delighted to help make a difference,” said Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina of the contribution. “I know that this undertaking will save thousands of lives by reducing companion and homeless animal euthanasia, as well as improving the quality of life of Tampa Bay pets and their owners.” Reina, a former Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputy who believes in giving back to his community, is a longtime supporter of the Humane Society; at this year’s annual Tuxes & Tails fundraiser, he donated $250,000 to the organization.

Dedicated to the memory of two of the Talk Fusion founder’s late pets, Thunder and Shadow Reina, the Memorial Animal Health Center will provide affordable full-service veterinary care and low-cost spaying/neutering for four-legged family members in Tampa Bay. The new clinic will also provide more extensive medical care for shelter animals.

Sherry Silk, Executive Director of HSTB, said, “This is a dream becoming a reality in the Tampa Bay community. We’ve been planning to build the Animal Health Center and Talk Fusion’s generous donation helps immeasurably in putting that plan into action.” Talk Fusion’s is the largest donation in the 100-year history of the Humane Society.