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UPDATE (Thursday, February 11) Thor is eating well and his injuries seem to be healing. FOX 13 spoke with Big Cat Rescue President Jamie Veronica to get the details below:

UPDATE (Friday, February 5, 9:00pm): The surgery to repair the bobcat’s jaw was a success and he is expected to recover. Big Cat Rescue and Dr. Boorstein will continue to evaluate his injured eye and broken canine to see if further medical measures are needed. He will be rehabilitated at Big Cat Rescue and, if all goes well, will be released back into the wild in about six weeks. Above are photos of the surgery at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay animal hospital.

Photo credit, Big Cat Rescue
Photo credit, Big Cat Rescue

In the early hours of the morning of Friday, February 5, 2016. Big Cat Rescue (BCR) received a call about a bobcat who was hit by a car. Vernoica Boorstein (BCR) and Dr. Justin Boorstein (BCR and HSTB) went to the scene and rescued the injured animal.

The bobcat will be brought to our animal hospital (3809 N Armenia Ave) at 12:45pm, Friday, February 5 to receive X-rays and possible surgery. Dr. Boorstein, a veterinary surgeon for both BCR and HSTB, believes the injuries include a broken jaw and skull, and a damaged eye needing removal.

Media contact: Nash McCutchen, 813-785-6922.

TODAY IS THE DAY! It is March 10, 2016 and after nearly a month of care in foster with careful attention paid to proper nutrition, socialization, medication and rehab, these brave babies are ready to find their forever homes! Check out the awesome before and after photo below. They’ve gotten so big we couldn’t hold all of them at once, but we got most of them! Adoption fees for these adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback mixes are $195 which includes their spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchips and 30 days of free pet health insurance. In addition, Merial will be sponsoring a year’s worth of free flea and heartworm prevention for each of these puppies as part of the adoption package! Look for Nathan, Nora, Nadiya, Nancy, Nattie today (March 10)!

Media is invited to the shelter at any time during the morning or afternoon of March 10 to get footage of the transformed pups. Adoptions open at noon. Media contact, 813-785-6922. On site contact, Pam Backer.


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UPDATE: February 11, 2016: After a week of TLC, baths, medicine and lots of puppy kibble, these babies are finally acting like happy, healthy puppies! They are getting into all sorts of mischief and generally winning the hearts of everyone they meet. Their wounds and scabs are healed, their infections are clearing up and their hair is growing back. See the happy update from FOX 13 Good Day Tampa Bay:

On January 31, 2016, a good Samaritan noticed a box of puppies on the side of the road and brought them to us. The puppies were in horrible condition and had obviously been suffering for weeks. Not only are they extremely emaciated, but they all have severe mange- a painful skin disease caused by mites that causes itching, lesions and hair loss. Their sore, cracked skin is infected and the infection has spread to their joints. The suffering caused by these conditions has surely been horrific and the puppies are anemic, lethargic and depressed.

Despite all of this, they still respond to humans with affection, wagging their tails and trying to give kisses with what little energy they can muster. We are hopeful that with 4-6 weeks of intense, costly treatment (including medicated baths every other day, injected and oral antibiotics, vitamins, royal ginseng jelly and high quality food) they will be healed and available for adoption.

Situations like this are especially heartbreaking because they are unnecessary and easily preventable:

  • Spaying/Neutering your pets keeps unwanted litters from ever being born
  • Immediate medical attention at the first sign of hair loss can stop mange from spreading through the use of affordable medication
  • Reaching out to shelters, rescue groups and veterinarians for help when overwhelmed with a litter and/or sick pet(s) can prevent much suffering
  • Dumping/abandoning animals is not only against the law, it is a thoughtless act of cruelty.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay offers affordable veterinary care to the public seven days a week at our Animal Health Center (813-870-3304). We also offer intake services (when space allows) for unwanted pets at our shelter. Should we be unable to accommodate an unwanted pet, we offer advise and resources on other options for rescue (813-876-7138).

There is no excuse for letting animals suffer the way these puppies have. Help us spread the word to spay/neuter, seek veterinary care, and reach out for help.

As of February 1, 2016 the Humane Society of Tampa Bay will offer cat adoptions at the South Tampa location of PetSmart. In accordance with our 2016 Game Of Homes cat adoption special, all adoption fees will be $5 and include spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations and 30 days of free pet health insurance. Adoption hours for the cats located at PetSmart are listed below. Potential adopters will be required to complete an HSTB Adoption Application and meet with adoption associate at PetSmart.

South Tampa Petsmart Store # 321
1540 North Dale Mabry Highway, 33607
Phone contact for PetSmart cat adoptions: 813-875-9721
Hours for PetSmart cat adoptions: Mon – Sat 9:00am – 9:00pm, Sun – 10:00am – 6:00pm