We cannot believe that 2019 is just around the corner. It’s been a great year for our animals, and we couldn’t have done it without you, our loyal supporters! We thank you for being there for our animals when they needed you the most.

While we were able to save thousands of lives this past year, our work is never truly done. We need you to help us care for these animals.

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Help us continue to lead the way and save more lives within our community because… every life counts.

Imagine… being with your loving family, happy – without a care in the world. Then one day, your whole world turns upside down and that family you’ve known all of your life is ripped apart. You’re no longer home. You’re scared, alone and not sure what will happen next. Unfortunately, that was Bridgett & Buddy’s tale, but then something extraordinary happened.

Bridgett & Buddy are two “siblings” at heart. A bonded pair that does everything together. They grew up with their beloved owner, Jack.  Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond his control, Jack fell on hard times and was left homeless. In complete despair, Jack was left with no choice, but to surrender his beloved companions to an animal shelter. Jack turned in Bridgett & Buddy to the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center. Even though PRC knew this would be a difficult adoption case, the pair was graciously accepted. Jack visited Bridgett & Buddy every day to give them love, pets and kisses. Each visit was heartbreaking to all – Bridgett & Buddy, Jack as well as PRC.  Little did they know a positive change of events was about to transpire.

We (HSTB) went to PRC to take our weekly fill of animals – as we do each week to try and save as many lives as possible within the Tampa Bay community. We came across Bridgett & Buddy and learned their unfortunate tale. They had such a touching story that we wanted to ensure we found them a home together. We made it our mission to find the perfect family willing to take – not only one, but two bonded, large senior dogs. We knew it would be a far stretch, but we had hope.

When Bridgett & Buddy were brought to our shelter we ensured they went straight to the adoption floor. The pair received lots of love and care at our shelter, but something was missing – Jack. They were so confused as to why he wasn’t there with them. After some time passed, Jack came to see his beloved companions at HSTB. Bridgett & Buddy’s moods changed from being confused and upset to joyful and beyond thrilled. They INSTANTLY recognized their dad and gave him all of the kisses in the world!  Meanwhile, our Adoptions staff informed Jack that a wonderful Samaritan named Christine (who had heard about Bridgett & Buddy’s story through our social media platforms) expressed interest in providing the family with shelter.

As a result of this random act of kindness from a stranger along with HSTB’s partnership with PRC and dedication to providing the best possible care to animals – this family was able to be reunited just in time for the holidays!  As you can imagine, Jack was overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude for such kind people like Christine and organizations like HSTB as he was able to keep his promise to his dogs of finding them a home.  Bridgett & Buddy are now getting the care that they need from HSTB as well as the love they always had with Jack.

It brings us such joy to have been a part of this very special holiday miracle. This is just a reminder that no matter what to always provide compassion and care to all as great things can happen if we work together.

Thank you to our community for allowing us to continue to lead the way… because every life counts.

For the animals,


Watch LIVE video footage of Bridgett & Buddy when they first arrived to our shelter.