HSTB Animal Health Center at forefront of veterinary science with debut of Zeutering

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The Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s (HSTB) Animal Health Center will host training to certify local veterinarians and veterinary technicians in the latest procedure in dog sterilization, Zeutering. On Tuesday, May, 21 and Wednesday, May 22, veterinary personnel from local nonprofit shelters and private practice will participate in the training workshop conducted by Mike Braun, DVM, of Ark Sciences, Inc. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay will not only serve as the site for the training but will provide more than 40 dogs who will undergo the procedure and then be placed up for adoption at their shelter.

An FDA approved method, Zeutering is a non-surgical way to neuter male dogs without the use of anesthesia, that leaves the testicles intact. The neutering process uses ZeuterinTM, a solution of zinc gluconate neutralized by arginine. The method not only greatly reduces the cost of neutering, but there is little recovery time, no irritation and no stitches.

“The spaying and neutering of pets is one of our core and most valued programs,” said HSTB Director Sherry Silk. “It is the only sure-fire method of reducing the number of unwanted puppies and kittens who end up euthanized in shelters. Zeutering is just one more tool we can use to further our mission of ending animal homelessness and we are happy to provide this resource.”

Silk notes that some people are resistant to neutering their male dogs because they feel that surgery is too invasive or robs the dogs of their “masculinity”. But now, she says, they can no longer use that excuse. “Zeutering is an alternative to traditional neutering that may be attractive to some individuals who are hesitant to put their pets through surgery. The males can no longer reproduce, but they stay “intact” and retain up to 50% of their testosterone. It is a win-win for everyone, especially for the thousands of unwanted lives that will be saved,” she said.

Once the training is complete, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay Animal Health Center will offer Zeutering to clients on a case-by-case basis. Although shelter dogs will be used for the training, HSTB will not use Zeutering as an ongoing practice for the sterilization of shelter animals at this time.

Pictures from the training (hover mouse over picture to read the caption):

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