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Liberty was found roaming the streets alone and very pregnant. Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center picked her up and the poor thing ended up giving birth in the truck on the way to their facility. Happily, we had an open kennel and were able to take the whole family, so the next day they were loaded up and transferred to us.

On the way here, she was so frightened and anxious to get to her babies that she ripped the door off their kennel and climbed in there with them (see first photo). Neither the HCPRC driver nor our staff could believe she was able to fit in the small cage! We brought her out and assured her that there would be no more truck rides for a while and that we’d get her all cleaned up, fed and settled in a comfy space. Although she has relaxed a little bit she is very, very stressed. She is trying to be a good momma but it is difficult to care for your babies when you are scared of your own shadow. The puppies are struggling and we are concerned about whether or not they will all make it. So, one of our vet techs will be taking the whole family home tonight so that they can be in a quiet, calm place where they can relax and begin to gain strength.

Please send good thoughts or say a prayer for Liberty. We want her to know that she can trust us and that she is now free from an empty belly, dangerous streets, and life all alone. We’ll keep you posted on her progress.

If you’d like to help Liberty and other needy animals like her, please donate online or text ADOPT to 243725.

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