Sweet Misha wandered into a fire station in Ybor. The good folks at Station 6 brought her to us. She is severely emaciated, has heartworms, a parasite infestation so severe she was vomiting worms, and possibly other serious complications, but we are waiting for biopsy results. It appears that on top of all that she was likely used for breeding. We can’t imagine the suffering she has endured to get into this condition.

She required surgery and blood transfusions on Wednesday and is still not out of the woods. She is currently in foster care at night with one of our veterinary technicians so that she can receive 24-hour monitoring and intravenous fluids. Please send prayers and positive thoughts her way.

There is an investigator from Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center on this case of extreme neglect and we are cooperating fully to help find justice for Misha.

Follow her story with updates and live videos on our page at Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Photo: Cameron Leff