The Arithmetic of Saving Lives

The math is elementary: two are greater than one. We can get more accomplished when we work together. That is the philosophy we share with Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center and our partnership continues to prove successful for the animals. Since 2012, we have focused our joint efforts on reducing the euthanasia rate in Hillsborough County through progressive initiatives that are saving lives:

TNVR: In 2012 we strengthened our partnership with a county-endorsed program to Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return feral and community cats. Feral and community cats brought to the county shelter are transferred to our facility for sterilization and vaccination, then returned to their neighborhoods to live out their lives. This has resulted in improved stabilization of the cat population as well as a decrease of 47{7745412d95a2321b406eae40e1de3a46791e79f925cd769a0bc2e92f1240c8bc} in the county’s cat euthanasia rate.

STRAY INTAKE:  In 2016 we were sanctioned by the county to keep any stray animal turned in to us, rather than having to transfer them to the county shelter. Since implementing this procedure we have kept more than 5,000 animals out of the county shelter.

TRANSFERS: Since 2008, we have visited PRC on an almost weekly basis to transfer dogs and cats from their facility to ours, space permitting.

The extra space these three practices have provided at the Pet Resource Center has resulted in fewer animals being euthanized for space or for being unadoptable (as is the case with feral cats). Since the inception of these initiatives, the county’s euthanasia rate* has plummeted from 61{7745412d95a2321b406eae40e1de3a46791e79f925cd769a0bc2e92f1240c8bc} to 13{7745412d95a2321b406eae40e1de3a46791e79f925cd769a0bc2e92f1240c8bc}, an incredible achievement.

*For some perspective, the nationally accepted Save Rate a shelter must obtain to be considered “no-kill” is 90{7745412d95a2321b406eae40e1de3a46791e79f925cd769a0bc2e92f1240c8bc}, which translates to a euthanasia rate of 10{7745412d95a2321b406eae40e1de3a46791e79f925cd769a0bc2e92f1240c8bc}.

Below are some of the furry faces we transferred from the county shelter this past week (June 18-22).