Our animal hospital offers Zeutering by client request, on a case-by-case basis.

An FDA approved method, Zeutering is a non-surgical way to neuter male dogs without the use of anesthesia, that leaves the testicles intact. The neutering process uses ZeuterinTM, a solution of zinc gluconate neutralized by arginine. The method not only reduces the cost of neutering, but there is little recovery time, no irritation and no stitches. In addition, males are left with up to 50% of their testosterone.

How It Works

Dogs are sedated and a small needle is used to inject ZeuterinTM into each testicle. The dogs’ bellies are then tattooed with a “Z” to indicate that they are sterilized. Sedation is reversed and, after just a few moments, the dogs are awake, alert and ready to go home!

If you are interested in Zeutering for your male dog, please call 813.870.3304 for more information, cost and to schedule an appointment.