Training & Behavior Resources

While behavior problems are one reason animals are surrendered to shelters, many of these issues can be resolved through training and behavior modification. Check out the information below for dealing with some common issues.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is committed to training and behavior programs that are humane and free of fear for the pet. We avoid the use of aversive methods and maximize the use of reinforcers with the animals in our care for training and behavior modification. When seeking professional help, we recommend these trainers and behavior consultants who share our commitment.

Recommended Training & Behavior Consultants

GoodPup (Train at home over video-chat, first week free!)

Amy Weeks (Tampa, Odessa)

Beth Livesay (Lutz)

Angie Steinker (Lutz)

Lisa Morrisey (Hudson)

Renee Russell (Oldsmar)

Karen Vance (Tampa)