Working Cats Program

Sometimes we rescue feral (outside) cats that are unable to stay in their current location for various reasons but are not socialized enough to be placed for adoption into a home environment. Should they be condemned to die? We say “No!” and that is why we launched our Working Cats Program. This non-traditional approach allows these cats to receive the shelter, access to food, water and care they need while offering the service of expert rodent control to their kindhearted adopters.

Working cats are feral or semi-feral cats adopted at no-charge to families with barns, outbuildings, sheds, garages, etc. who would like a cat to help with pest control and/or to keep farm animals company. While we waive the adoption fees for our working cats, any donation is appreciated to help with the care of the animals at HSTB.

A grey and white cat sits outside on a barrel.

What We Provide

  • A New Cat for your barn, outbuilding, stable, garage, shed or other structure at no charge (adoption fee waived)
  • Free Rodent Control. Our barn cats are ready to work and will gladly keep pesky critters out of your feed

  • A Healthy Companion. Your other animals will benefit from a new friend who has been spayed or neutered, vaccinated and treated for fleas

  • Assistance and Advice. We’ll provide all the information you need for the recovery (from sterilization surgery) and release of your new cat

  • Free Delivery. If you are willing to adopt more than one cat, we will deliver them to your door

What Adopters Provide

  • A Second Chance for a homeless cat who may otherwise be euthanized
  • Daily Food and Water. The only payment your barn cat will require is two meals a day

  • A Cozy Spot for Napping. A bale of hay or straw is all your barn cat needs to rest up after a long night of mousing

  • Acclimation Safety. For the first few days, your barn cat will need a small, safe place to acclimate to the new environment and learn that they are “home”

Interested in Adopting a Working Cat?

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    Puppies: $250
    (3 months and under)

    Adult Dogs: $125
    (over 3 months – 10 years old)

    Senior Dogs: $50
    (over 10 years old)

    Kittens: $75
    (3 months and under)

    Adult Cats: $40
    (over 3 months – 10 years old)

    Senior Cats: $25
    (over 10 years old)

    Rabbits: $50

    Guinea Pigs: $40

    Pocket Pets: $20

    Ferrets: $100

    Chinchillas & Hedgehogs: $75

    Birds: Prices vary

    Potbelly Pigs: $100