Thank You

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay gratefully acknowledges the donors in 2020 who’s generosity provided care, comfort and resources for companion animals in need and their families. With this life saving support we were able to provide food, medical care, and shelter for thousands of homeless animals. Thank you for leading the way because every life counts.

If you are interested in our past year’s success, our 2020 Annual Report is available below.

$10,000+ Donors

Bill and Lynn Andrews

Pat Antinori and Hank Ellis

Arbitration Forums


Greg and Meredith Balasco

Banfield Foundation

Bernice Barbour Foundation, Inc

Cindy Bishop

BlueGrace Logistics

Jack and Yvette Boggs

The Brink Foundation

William and Dorothy Bruse

Budget Blinds

Charity Polo Classic, LLC.

Chasm Communications, Inc.

City of Tampa

Jean Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Edward DeBartolo Jr.

Glenn and Danita Dickman

Dolly’s Dream

Pam Duval

Eleanor Dvorchak

Florida Animal Friend Association

Florida Real Estate Associates

Pete and Karen Franke

Marshall Garcia

Garcia Family Foundation

Karen Haag

Jeannine Hascall

Diane Homa

Honor Thy Pet Cremation Services

Scott and Karen Keith

Craig and Brooke Kuhl

Stuart and Karessa Lasher

Lightning Foundation

Dr. Lynn Moscinski and Mack Sprouse

National Humane Society Inc.

Amy Nelson and Frank Agliano

Curt and Lisa Novorska

The Petco Foundation

Linda Reitz

Jason and Rachel Ridley

Kathleen Robbins and Paula Pritchard

Janeen Rosas

Harvey and Cherie Schonbrun

Mary Scott

Cynthia Smoot and Bill Weller

Solomon Group

Syniverse Technologies

Steve and Merly Tenberg

Turning Point of Tampa

Rebecca Weiss Sjouwerman

Dr. Elise Zahn and Dr. Dene’ Williamson

$5,000 – $9,999 Donors

AGoldPhoto, LLC.

Nancy Allen

Amazon Smile Foundation

Gerald and Suzie Archibald

Vern and Ann Barclay

Linda Becker and Don McCarty

Kevin Bischoff


Brian Burns

Burton Family Foundation

Julie Charlier

Columbia Restaurant Group

Nikki Donofrio and Scott Maupin

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Excel Title

Brian Frey and Troy Mangibin

Liana Fuente

Eric and Elaine Guerrazzi

Commissioner Ken Hagan

Elizabeth Henk

Hill Ward Henderson

Parker Homans

Home Solutions Team

J.J. Taylor Companies Inc.

Jacarlene Foundation

Paul and Stephanie Jones

JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Joe and Becky Kelly

Cathy Kimmel

Susan Laden

Rob and Kim Lamke

Marvin D. & Melissa U. Gill Family Foundation, Inc.

Morris Massey

John and Letitia McKibbon

Kathy Pendergraph

Pepsico Foundation

Periodontal Health Center

Ben Pethe

PNC Wealth Management

Fran and Dick Powers

Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.

Angela Pupello

Reeves Import Motorcars

Alan Schonbrun

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Cheri Simpson-Lombard

Skar Audio, Inc.

Bob and Cathy Smith

Sallie Spada Wells

Susana Suco

Laura Tatem and Brian Kincaid

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

TRM Holdings, LLC.

Bill Wagner

Mary Wilson

$2,500 – $4,999 Donors

13 Ugly Men Foundation

Action Air Conditioning, Inc.

Advent Health

Ashley Arthur

Charlotte Ash

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Bissell Pet Foundation

Dorothea Burke

Derek and Katie Busciglio

John and Cathy Bushman

Charles and Kathryn Cauthen

CBT Development

Cheryl Ciccarello and Randy Stack

Mary Cunniff

David Yurman

Andy and Julie Dennis

A.G. Divers

Dr. Elizabeth Elbert

Farkas Chiropractic Clinic

Kimberly and Robert Floyd

The Frank E. Duckwall Foundation, Inc.

Garcia Rainey Blank & Bowerbank LLP

Gasparilla Distance Classic

Girl Scouts of West Central Florida Troop #32202

Golf Car Depot

Al and Laurie Greco

Linda Greenfield

Joyce Halstrom

Larry and Darlene Hoffman

Richard and Leslie Hume

Bruce and Janet Hutcheson

Iberia Bank

ImageNet Consulting

Glenn Jones

Konstantin Katsadouros

Lynn Kinz

Patricia Kruk

Russell LaFuente

Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church 

Ana and Ken Landis

LPL Financial

Mike and Gayle Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Buck McInnis

Raymond and Sarah Melnyk

Merck Animal Health

Stephanie Milner

JC and Sue Miseroy

Tim and Ann Marie Muscaro

Michael and Rene Neff

Nancy and Tom Newman

Annette Niederpruem

Vincent Pawlowski

Tannia Peeples

Brian Rizzo

Samantha Russello

David and Janet Saunders

Krystal Schankowitz

Carol Schuler

Harold Steinbrenner

T & D Thompson Holdings

Tampa Bay Kennel Club

W. T. Morgan III Family Foundation

Edward and Karen Wahl

Christina Wojcik

Tony and Janet Zaloga

Lisa Zarek and Dan Pease

$1,000 – $2,499 Donors

Jenny Allebach

Allison Preston Goodheart Fund

Altar’d State

Charles Amaral

Deborah Ames

Anchor Glass

Paul and Rosie Antinori

Robert Antle

Christina Anton

Ark Naturals

The Bank of Tampa

Alexis Barbieri

Beasley Media Group, Inc.

Sheila Behm

Alice Bess

Sarah Blonshine

Jim and Mary Frances Bransford

Linda Burbage

CAE Inc.


Joseph and Karen Calabria

A. Preston Cameron

Kathryn Captain

Suzanne Cardonne

Carter Validus

Karen Cheeks

Lenny and Cheryl Chew

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Christy

Terrell and Joe Clark

Matthew Clement

Jane Coleman

Christian Collins

Jean Collins

Ryan Cook

Ray and Martha Cooper

Kathy Cordes

Countryside Montessori Charter School

Carla Cozart

Diane Daniel

Jeffrey Dean

Gordon and Sara Deats

Nikki DeBartolo and Sheriff Chad Chronister

Deborah Kent’s

Melissa DeJesus

Dr. Charlotte Derr

Jody Dixon

Marsha Droste

Ian and Karen D’Souza

Frances Duval

Michelle Enfinger

Jonathan Erlichman

Nancy Evans

FairyTail Pet Care

Susan Ferrera

Fetch Specialty & Cancer Veterinary Centers

William and Sheila Fite

The Fountain Group

Eleanor Franzese

Neal Gallimore

Charles Garber

Jean Gaskill

Dr. Sarah Gaskill

David Gill

Zach and Sarah Glaser

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gratz

Kristin Greco

Jeannette Green

Greenacre Properties, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gregory

Gulf Coast Consulting, Inc.

Gulf Fabrics

John and Ashley Guyton

Hollace Hannaway

Peggy Hannon

Elizabeth Hapner

Hargreaves Family Charitable Foundation

Mary Kate Harrison and Gordon Newman

William Hartwig

Don and Gretel Harvey

Steve and Rhonda Hendrix

Stacy Hendry

Hess Orthodontics

Highwoods Properties

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

Danyelle Ho

Dr. Pamela Hodul

Rick and Jan Homans

Jonathan Hood

Susan Hoover

Linda Hopes

Daniel Howell

Lisa Hyde

Hyde Park Village

Marie Hyman

International Plaza

Robert Iocca

Irene C. Evans Charitable Trust

Roseann Jackson

Suzy Jackson

Hunt and Molly James

Mike Johnson


Dr. Mina Kaeding and Ms. Deborah Vickers

Jim and Bonnie Kennedy

Keystone Civil, Inc.

Kforce Finance & Accounting

Peter and Karla Kirkwood

Gordon and Cathy Knapp

N. Carol LaMonte

Annette Lancaster

John Land

Matthew Larson

Darrell Lee

Dr. and Mrs. L.A.S. Lemmer

Sharon Lewkowitz

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Linda Louks

James Lukomski

Sharon Lussier

Robin Lutz

Sierra Macdonald

A. Lee Maguire

David Mallitz

Suzanne Maloney

Greg Margliano

Snow Martin

Mike and Jill Matthews

Cheryl McCoy

Amanda McNabb

Brooklyn McNally

Laura McVay

Joe and Kimberly Mello

Steven and Jane Miller

Susannah Miller

Buford and Nancy Moore

Shelby Mosher

Jeffrey Motto

MPI Tampa Bay

Patrick Mullen

My Dog Trainer

Richard and Ellyne Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Neeley

Candace Nelson

New York Life Insurance Company

Michael Notbohm

Beverly Oliva-Vail

Lt. Col. Modris Ozols

Paradise Island Boutique

Edwin Parkinson

Trevor and Amy Penne

Terry Pepin Brown

Pepin Distributing Company

Pet Supermarket

PetSmart Charities

Kathryn Peyton

Picard-Dannheisser Family Foundation

Chris and Renee Plescia

Robert Potter

Patricia Powell

Richard Powers

Jonaphine Price

ProfitSword, LLC.

Lynn and Maynard Ramsey

Kelly Ray

Patricia Rendleman

Benjamin Richter

Ira and Susan Riemer

Karen Riter

Cindy Rizzetta

Dr. Thelma Rodriguez Ph.D.

Martha Ross

Stephanie Rumbley

Brenda Russian

Sophia Sanchez

Andrea Sands

L.M. and Deborah Satcher

James Satterly

Mark and Susan Scaglione

Marla Schick

Erin Schwartz

SCM Roofing

David and Linda Selbst

John Sellas and Shila Rose

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sellitti

Jeffrey and Gina Shannon

Sherry Silk

Ted Slack and Terri Young

Chris Sloan

Waldina Smith

Tracey Snodgrass

Susan Stackhouse-Bosquez

Karla Stahl

State Farm, Doug Smith Agent

Sterling Ridge Properties

Jane Sultenfuss

Carole Ann Sweitzer

Tampa Electric Company

Tampa General Hospital

Tampa LB Sales


Ann Thomas

Chloe Thomas

Rose Marie Thomas

Dirk and Sandra Tolle

Phil and Kimberly Tope

Nancy Tuma

Cathy Unruh and Tom Sansone

USF Federal Credit Union

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Valdes

Betty Valenti

Ornella Varchi and Tim Crosby

Dr. Alfonso Vargas

Colleen Vasconcellos

Michele Vatalaro

Linda Vernon

William Vincent

Kath Vitale

Rochelle Walker

Edward Ward

Sarah Weaver


Carole Whitman

Ranold and Edith Williams

Cirsten Wilson

Jacob Wilson

Tina Worrall

Ray and Amy Wright

Deborah Yamokoski

Christine Zimmerman

$500 – $999 Donors

Anne Adams Everett

Dawn Addison

Drew and Julie Allen

Teresa Allen

Wylie Allen

Nikki Alvarez

Amalie Oil Company

Renee Amberg

Harold Anderson

Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation

Victor Anthony

Sharon Applegate

Athletes and Causes

Nancy Baily

Sherry Baker

John and Kathleen Baldwin

Dr. Karla Bard DVM

Marigem Barney

Karen Bauman

Baycare Pediatrics Orthopedic

Dr. Maria Bazzini

Andre Beaudry

Jonathan Beilin

Dr. Nancy Bell Ph.D. and Mr. Ron Rotella

Charles and Alayne Berkins

Deborah Berry

Siddharth Bhagwan

Richard Bialor

Michael and Kimberly Biehl

Carolyn Black

Lois Black

Audrey Bolivar

Janet Bos

Cleo Boulter

R. Charles Bowers

Linda Bowman

Dyana Brand Metcalf

Ellen Brankley

Wayne and Beverly Brantley

Keisha Brescia

Lois Brimmer

Mike Brock

Loraine Brown

Sherry Buck

Jerome and Christine Burke

Jay and Sara Calhoun

Jennifer Caputo-Seidler

Jennie Carey and Jamie Shepherd

Sarah Case

Melanie Casey

John Cashman

Evelyn Cassilly

John Cerra

Edwin Chamberlain

Brian Chatwin

Catherine Cinerar

Darrin and Karen Clark

Gary and Lisa Clark

Diane Cocking

David and Sherry Cohalla

Compass Land and Title

Amanda Cook

Mark Cook

Eleanor Cooper

Krissy and John Cosenzo

James and Molly Crews

Damaris Cruz

Maria Cullen

Dohnia Cwik

Ike and Sarah Dale

Judy Damm

Sharon and Steve Danco

Judith Daniele

Al and Josie Dato

Schiller and Cornelia Daux

Kirk and Aileen Davis

Kwisa Davis

Mark Davis

Tracy Davis

Davis Island Pharmacy

Davis Islands Apartments

Frances Deering

Paul and Prima Demirdjian

Mary Denton

Sandra Dettori

Jacqueline Diamond

Shanise Dietels

Jeanne Dixon

DKC Creatives, LLC.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Donahoe

Alan Donn

Fred and Sherry Dorsey

Ira Drosnin

Kimberly Dunbar

Lori Dunne

Charles and Ilona Dutcher

Sharyn Duval

Lynn Dyer

Jeffrey Dziubek

Eber Family Foundation

Janet Egolf

Chris Engel

David Erbaugh


Chelsea Fenton

Jim and Celia Ferman

Judy Fields

Naomi Figel

Gary Fisher

Stan Fitterman

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fitzgerald

Florida Blue

Wes and Gail Floyd

Jose and Susie Forns

Judy Foster

Clay Fowler

Alicia Frecker

Kevin and Sarah Fridy

Margaret Fuente

Jane Fusilero

Laura Gage

Gaither High School

Elizabeth Galambos

Ariel Garcia

Phil and Carol Gardiner

Charles and Laurie Garvey

The GE Foundation

Suzanne George

Ronald and Barbara Gibson

JoAnn Gierbolini

Nils and Linda Giere

Patricia Giglio

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Glazer

Jack Gleason

Roberta Glenn

Jana Goff

Good Neighbor Fence Company

Tom Goodwin

Cliff and Sally Granger

Laura Green

Michelle Greene

Roger Gritton

Michelle Halpin

Fran Hamilton

Amy Hampton

William Hand

Happy Pets Mobile Vet

Robert Harley

Charles and Elizabeth Harris

Jeff and Melinda Harris

Harris, Hunt & Derr, PA

Kelly Hausler

Dr. Marcia Hausman Ph.D.

Judith Hazard

Kathryn Hazes

HCI Group

Wendy Helton

Rob and Sarah Hempen

Jeffrey and Molly Hendricks

Heritage Drywall

Yvette Hibbard

John and Debra Hickenlooper

Dianne Hodgett

Valerie Hogan

Christine Homa

Lee Ann Howlett

Heather Huettner

David and Julie Hunnes

Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic

Eron and Amy Iler

Interior Elegance, Inc.

Jose Intriago

Joe and Karen Ioco

Christine Jacobs

Magdalena Jaworska

J. Blaine and Jennifer John

Ben Johnston

Marylynne Jones

Samuel Jones

Frank and Barbara Julian

Julie Kahn

Nicholas Kalogeras

David and Janet Karpan

Richard Keddy

Terry Kelly

David Kennedy

Judith Kent

Jonathan and Kelli Kessack

Mary Key

Joseph Kiely

Kevin King

Gary Klenman

Stephen and Loralee Koontz

Mary Krantz

Lynnel Kresse

Krewe of Pandora

Elizabeth Krystyn

Nancy Lamonte

Ruby LaNace Hurst

Laura Lang

Jan Lanouette

Laser Locators, LLC

Denise Lasher

April Lawton

Irma Layton

Bennie and Joyce Lazzara

Henderson Lee

Kari Legere

David Lennon

Lynda Licht

Anthony and Loretta Lopez

Joan Lund

Don Madock

Sherry Maklary

Tony Manion

Dr. Marcia Mann

Fran Marcus

Rachel Maris

Rafael Marquez

James Marshall

Frances Marton

Linda Mattos-Lind

Cynthia Mayer

Susan McBride

Michael McCamy

Mary Ann McCoy

Jacqueline Mcgavock

Justin McGowan

Florence McNerney

Michael McNew

Brian McNulty

Michelle McQuillan

Ivone Meltzer

Janet Menendez

Donald Menzel

Vachon Meyers Jr. and Donna G. Meyers

Phyllis Middaugh

Maribeth Mitchell

John Mitzel

Dr. Andrew Molinaro

Daniel Monacelli

Robert Moody

Ted Mook

Carol Moore

Jacqueline Moore

Tony and Donna Moore

John Morgan

Lynsey Morganti

Amelia Mowery

Susan Mriscin

Rud and Corinne Mueller

Michael Murphy

Kris Murphy Lacy

Muscaro and Martini Dentistry

MVS Pet Care Florida

Dr. Marilyn Myerson Ph.D.

Minda Nagy

Peter Napoli

Susan Nelson-Crowley

William Newman

Ann Niemi

Ray Obel

Barbara O’Brien

Kevin and Audrey O’Brien

Mindy Ogden

John Olin

Drake Ondrovic

Donald Oneal

Alicia Ong

Optics SOHO

Scott Pagel

Debbie Paloma-Ho

Franco Pasquale

Bobby Pastorius

Susan Paszkowski

Matthew Pavone

David and Carmen Pelletz

Zachary Perdomo

Jonathan Persky

Adam Peterson

Petfinder Foundation

Felicia Petrella

Rhonda Phillips

Scott and Maureen Pierce

Plantation Animal Hospital

Barbara Powell

Power Pole

Jeff Powers

Brett Preston

John and Karen Price

Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc

Gail Purvis

Alex Qatsha

Janna Ranney

Richard and Sherry Reber

Dr. Maija Reblin

Rechel & Associates PA

Danielle and John Redd

Connie Reed

Nolan Reeher

Heather Remek

Harley Riedel

JoAnn Rinard

Kimberly Ritrievi

RKD Alpha Dog

Carolyn Roark

Siri and Bernie Rock

Elaine Roman

Dr. Eli Rose and Dr. Janet Marley Rose

Radio Rose

Christine Ross

Craig and Michele Ross

Robert and Margaret Rothman

Leslie Rotureau

Leslie Rowe

Abhik Roy

Lisa Sabina

Mark Sakalosky

Carole Sanzeri

Isabel Satra

Sheldon and Susan Sbar

Judy Schaffer

Kathy Schroeppel

Carrie Schuldt

Barbara Schwab

Arleen Schwemmer

Scoopy Poopy Doo

Nicholas Segal

Sheryl Shearer

Micheal and Susan Sheely

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Sheldon

Brent and Mary Shumate

Randy and Linda Simmons

Michael Simpson

David Sly

Sylvia Smith

Carolyn Soltas

Laurie Someson

Southern Criminal Justice Association

LC Sparkman

Hilda Spears

St. John’s Episcopal Parish Day School

St. Paul Catholic Church

Sue Staklinski

Shelley Stallworth

Tanya Stay

Hannah Steffenhagen

Dennis and Gayle Stemac

Trent Strauch

Steven Sudan

Teresa Sullivan

Jane Sumner

Mary Sussman

Deana Svoboda

Jenny Swindal

Steve and Jan Szabo

Deborah Talbot and Thomas Anderson

Jack and Jewel Talman

Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union

Lynda Tappan

Dr. Donald Taylor Jr.

James Taylor

Andrew Thomas

Mark Thoreson

Michael and Debra Tracey

Brenda Tracy

Christopher Tracy

Travel and Transport

Dolores Tribe

Two Shepherds Taproom

Dr. Nancy Jane Tyson and John Ragusa

Lois Ullrich

Tara Urette

Jeffrey Van Guilder

John and Cynthia Van Voris

Jeff and Robin Vancavage

Leo Vandal

Dr. Paul Velt

Jacqueline Victor

Dottie Waksman

Dominique Walker

Catherine Waters

Col. and Mrs. Gary and Barbara Weber

Mary Weber

Malinda Webster

Hank and Sue Wendland

Daniel Whitney

Matthew Wiencek

Tim and Jennifer Wiley

Christopher Wooley

Barbara Wurth

Natalie Yefimenko

Katie Zell

Barbara Zimny

Shari Zwirn

Pet Partners

27North Realty

Anjani Abhyankar

Melanie Adams and Stanley Mackey

Dawn Addison

Susan Alcala

Lillowtie Ali

Drew and Julie Allen

Wylie Allen

Phil and Jean Amuso

Harold Anderson

Anthony and Judy Anello

William and Judith Angell

June Annis

Natalie Anthony

Sara Appelbaum

Diana Aristizabal

Kelly Armagost

Brenda Arnao

Cecilia Arnold

Lori Auen

Loretta Baggitt

Tyler Baggs

Sherry Baker

Joan Bakirdgi

Patti Ballard

Anna Barbasheva

Edward Barnes

Steve and Meghan Barnes

Tricia Barnes

Ann Baron

Cathy Barrentine

Mercedes Barreto

Madelene Bartley

Linda Basil

Julie Battaglia

Be Well with Danielle

Peter and Suzanne Bechard

Linda Becker and Don McCarty

Kathy Beeson

Carol Bell

Patricia Bender

Donald Benoit

Luz Berdion

Renee Bergstresser

Scott Bernath

Deborah Berry

Linda Best

Paulette Betancourt

Cheryl Betts

Jennifer Bevans

Siddharth Bhagwan

Dr. and Mrs. Tom Bird

Jessica Bishop

Lois Black

Dr. Deborah Blackburn

Zoraida Blanchard

Kay Blount

Lexi Bodden

Jerry Boggess

Robert Boileau

Nicole Bollinger

Janet Bos

Carolina Botero

Christine Bouchard

Susan Boysen

Carol Bradford

Dyana Brand Metcalf

Jim and Mary Frances Bransford

Julie Brantley Bridges

Caryn Braunstein

Gloria Bravo

Michael and Natalie Brennan

Michael and Laurie Brent

Keisha Brescia

Stephanie Brief

Kimberly Brockman

Cynthia Brower

Susan Brower

Elane Brown

Katherine Brown

Lauren Brown

Loraine Brown

Nick Brown

Sue Brown

David Bryan

James and Marilyn Buchanan

Brianna Buck

Debbi Buckenheimer

Daniel Buckley

Linda Burbage

Jeff Burdette

Dorothea Burke

Lita Burke

Christine Burnham-Miller

Mary Calhoon

Jay and Sara Calhoun

Mary-Ann Calvo

Mari Campbell and Christopher E. Campbell

Linda Campisi

Paul Canada

Robert Canale

Gustavo and Rhonda Carnevali

Katie Carpenter-Bailey

Anita Carr

James Carrens

Ralph and Kathy Carreon

Donald Carson

Colleen Carter

Fariba Carter

Mark Cascione

Melanie Casey

Evelyn Cassilly

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Castelli

Cynthia Castillo

Clarisse Castro

Rachel Catapano

Isabel Cavallini

Marlene Cedeno

Nancy Cedola

Edwin Chamberlain

Brian Chatwin

Mr. and Mrs. Chi Chen

Huiwen Cheng

Rohana Chomick

Catherine Cinerar

Dr. Deborah Citron

Frances Clark

Gary and Lisa Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Clark

Kristina Clark

Deborah Cochran

Vanessa Cohn

Lucy Cole

Peter Cole

Jane Coleman

Walter and Deborah Coleman

Bill and Anita Collier

Christian Collins

Jeanie Colon

Araceli Comer

Nicole Conner

Richard Connors

Ryan Cook

Philip Cooper

Ray and Martha Cooper

Chelsea Corarito

Kathy Cordes

John and Rachel Cornish

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Cotton

Priscilla Cotton

Stan Cotzen

Madeleine Courtney

Robert Craparo

Janilyn Crichton

Karen Crisanti

Thomas and Ulrike Crisman

Albert Crooke

Michael Cross

John Crowley

Damaris Cruz

Agatha Curley

Mark Curley

Anthony Curtachio Jr.

Scott Custable

Lisa D’Addio

Diane Daniel

Terry Danner

Don Dasher

Ellen David

Fred Davis

Lisa Davis

Mark Davis

Melanie Davis

Nancy Davis

Tracy Davis

Debra Day

Anita Dean

Sarah Ruth Dean

Tom and Marion DeCoster

Ralph and Vicki Dedomenico

Robert Dedrick

Sherman DeHart

Dr. Amanda Del Cueto

Susan Dennick

Robert DePalma

Terry Depin

Sandra Dettori

Kaleena Dezsi

Charles Diaz

Lois Didolce

Shanise Dietels

Dominic and Brooke Difante

Josh Diggs

Lizzi Dillion

Kathryn Dills

Denise Dispenza

Carol Dittmar

Peter Dobler

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Donahoe

Marie Donaldson

Tami Donaldson

Maryel Donato

Mark and Francesca Doran

Michele Dorsey

Karen Dougherty

Wayne Douglas

Charles and Faye Doyle

Jim Duffy

Allan Duncan

Cynthia Duncan

Lori Dunne

John Durdines

Charles and Ilona Dutcher

Sharyn Duval

Eleanor Dvorchak

Jeffrey Dziubek

Cheryl Eagan

Carolyn Eastman

Gosia Eberle

Freddie and Karen Edwards

Kathleen Edwards

Kim Edwards

John and Kathy Elam

Amanda Ellis

Neal Emerson

Camilla Emmans

Michelle Enfinger

Helen Esposito

Laura Estes

Vicki Estes

Shari Fabri

Erik Faraldo

Steve and Trish Farber

Allyn Faryniasz

Sasha Fazio

Joyce Fecci

Alyssa Feinberg

Chelsea Fenton

E. Lindy Fernandez

Kris Fernandez-Everett

Susan Ferrera

Steven and Mary Fidler

Mildred and Bonnie Fiegel

Valerie Fielding

Judy Fields

Roberta Finley

Andrea Fischer

Gary Fisher

William and Sheila Fite

James Fitzgibbons and Lynn A. Welch

Donald and Cindy Fitzwater

Cynthia Floyd

Kevin Foley

Jane Fontaine

Ava Forney

Eleanor Franzese

Ethel Friedman

Mr. and Mrs. David Froberg

Anthony and Meredith Fuentes

Michael Fullwood

Suzanne Furman

Jane Fusilero

Dr. Gregory Gaar M.D. and Mr. Tim Andreu

Laura Gage

Elizabeth Galambos

Michael Galas

Morgan Galazia

Patricia Galvez

Ron and Ilse Gambill

Charles Garber

Ariel Garcia

Dr. Elizabeth Garcia

Emily Gardner

Marilyn Garrett

Ashley Garrison

Jean Gaskill

Jeanie Gassman

Suzanne George

David and Michele German

Sarah Gesemyer

Bruce Gibson

Gail Gibson

Clyde and Dotti Gillespie

Roberta Glenn

Joanne Goddard

Brian and Stephanie Goe

Suzy Goff

Anna Gonzalez

Katharine Gonzalez

Tom Goodwin

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Gordon

Dr. Yna Grageda

Karyn Graham

Laura Graham

Andrea Grainger

Cliff and Sally Granger

Shannon Grant

Willie and Lucy Grant

Kirsty Greaves

Al and Laurie Greco

Veronica Greco

Laura Green

Patrick Greenburger

Linda Greene

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gregory

Dagny Grillis

Larry and Susan Groner

Janet Grosso

Susan Grove

Kimberly Guillory

Martha Guzman

Carol Haas

Rev. Kitty Hahn-Campanella

Michelle Halpin

Fran Hamilton

Katherine Hamilton

Katharine Hammer

William and Joan Hancock

Jeff and Melinda Harris

Kevin Hart and Todd Smith

Valerie Harwood

Dwight and Gloria Hasting

Kimberly Hatley

Teresa Hawkins

Andrea Hazel

Kathryn Hazes

Jacqueline Heard

Steve and Suzanne Hearn

Rob and Sarah Hempen

Christian Hernandez

Julie Herring

Melanie Hickey

Peter Hickin

Brian and Melissa Hill

John Hill

David Hlywa

Danyelle Ho

Holly Hogan

Valerie Hogan

Amanda Holmes

Diane Homa

Jonathan Hood

Ingrid Hooglander

Linda Hopes

Lorraine Hopkins

Leslie Horton

Stacia Hottle

Daniel Howell

Joanne Hubert

Michael and Bernice Hughes

Jacob and Laura Hummel

Jasmine Huneycutt

David and Julie Hunnes

Dr. Jason Hurley

Chris Hutchcraft

Peggy Hyde

Carl Iannone

Kathryn Ingalls

Jose Intriago

Joe and Karen Ioco

Marianne Ippoliti

Kathryn Ippolito

Christine Jacobs

Gregory James

Kara Jamison

Wendy Jamison

Sherrie Janz

Darlina Jarrin

Magdalena Jaworska

Charles and DeAnne Jerry

Robert Johnson

Suzie Johnson

Cathy Jones

Gene Jones

Marvell Jones

Robert and Patricia Jones

Veronique Jones

Carol Judge

Carol Kachele

Lucia Kackovicova

Kat Kaczmarek

Nicholas Kalogeras

Kaitlin Kamm

Nicole Kane

Sheila Kazar

Scott and Karen Keith

Valerie Kelesyan

Joseph and Theresa Kelley

Lori Kelly

Jim and Bonnie Kennedy

Maureen Kennedy

Judith Kent

Jonathan and Kelli Kessack

Laura Kestelik

Lisa Kettlestrings

Mary Key

Barbara Kimble

Cathy Kimmel

Carla King

Kevin King

Valerie King

Tracy Kinnebrew

Dennis Kintzel

Lynn Kinz

Rob and Paula Kipp

Nancy Kissane

George Klitsch

Lisa Knight

Donald Koechlein

Linda Kolsen

Lorraine Korb

Matt Kowalski

Laurie Kozbelt

Kathryn Krajewski

Mary Krantz

Barbara Kristin

Brent Kuenn

Sandi Kuhlemann

Joseph Kuhn Jr.

Joseph Kuzmick

Brooke Lacey

Robert and Dawn Ladd

Nathalie Laguela

Vanessa Lancaster

Luis Landa

Ana and Ken Landis

Patricia Lane

Michael Laquerre

Marie Laurelli

Mary Lavandera

Gwendolyn Lawson

Raymond and Deborah Lawton

Marci LeBlanc

Lisa Leger

Kari Legere

Anja Legg

Bruce Lemler

Peter Leon

Dale Leonard

Ira Leonard

Kim Lersch

Inez Leto

Sarah Lewis

Sharon Lewkowitz

Nilda Libhaber

Lynda Licht

Lindsay Linck

S.- Kim Listemann

Nancy Lonetto

Nancy Long

Kimberly Lopater

George Lukacs

Julie Lumb

Sharon Lussier

Monique Macdonald

Sonya Madden

Clint and Krista Maddox

Ellen Magras

A. Lee Maguire

Sarah Maharaj

Harry Mains

Estefania Maldonado

Susan Malvagno

Nedra Manning

Cara Manter

Fran Marcus

Rachel Maris

Christine Marsella

Cynthia Martell

Dr. Hugh Martin

Mike and Gayle Martin

Christopher and Shannon Martinez

Daniel Martinez

Nydia Martinez

Sherry Mattson

Maverick’s Portables

Paula Mazzarella

Amanda McAlister

Karen McCloskey

Linda McConnell

Joseph McCormick

Cheryl McCoy

Nash McCutchen

Shurmine McGuire-Brown

Sarah McKeown

Stephanie McKiernan

Laura McKnight

Michelle McQuillan

Sandy McRae

Regina McRea

Laura McVay

Barbara Meador

Elizabeth Schleibaum

David Meagher

Amiee Mezrah

Brandie Miklus

Joseph Miller

Steven and Jane Miller

Dawn Mills

Shawne Minnis

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Minutolo

JC and Sue Miseroy

Grace Mitchell

Thomas Mitchell

Michael Mitrani

Dr. Andrew Molinaro

Lori Mollmann

Jack and Kathy Monday

Patricia Mones

Amber Montero

Tanya Moore

Taylor Morgan

Lynsey Morganti

Amelia Mowery

Peggy Murphy

Kris Murphy Lacy

Cynthia Musetta

Liesel Muth

John and Sandra Mutolo

Linda Myers

Lena Najem Salapski

Peter Napoli

Aygul Nardelli

Adam Nate

Candace Nelson

Nancy Newman

Cheryl Newman-Pratt

Gladys Newton

Hoang Nguyen

Annette Niederpruem

Susan Nieradko

Miguel Nieves

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Nisbet

Kendra Norris

Curt and Lisa Novorska

Geraldine Nuevo

Andrea Nunez

Bhargav Nutakki

Kyran O’Brien

Leonora Ochoa

Janis O’Connor

Dena and Ian Oldham

William Olney

Susan O’Neal

Adrian Orihuela

Christopher Osborn

Felipe and Holly Otoya

Ilayda Ozsan

Cheryl Paasch

Karen Pacifico

Dustin Pack

Jean Palmieri

Joelle Park

Stephen and Marian Parks

Kim Parry

Irene Pasch

Gurney Passant

Susan Paszkowski

Tracey Pate

Matthew Pavone

Linda Pearce

Zachary Perdomo

Diana Perez

Jared Perez

The Perky Pixel

Susanne Perla

Karen Perry

Carie Peterson

Deborah Peterson

Mark Peterson

Ngoc Pham

Penny Phillips

Rhonda Phillips

Susan Phillips

Frank Piatti

Rachel Piersall

Adam Pietrafesa

Carmine Pisano Jr.

Steven Portman

Jeff Powers

Debi Pridgen

Lani Prilliman

Jean Purdy

Quest Ecology Inc.

Mary Ann Ragan

Patricia Raines

Dan Ramos

Joseph Ramos

Bonnie Raubfogel

Erika Read

Dr. Maija Reblin

Moitreyee Reddy

Bonnie Reele

Lauren Reese

Joseph Registrato

Joan Reiss

Linda Reitz

Kristina Renaud

Patricia Rendleman

Anne Rennie

James Rezny

Susan Rice

Arnold Richman

Benjamin Richter

David and Kathryn Richter

Jason and Rachel Ridley

Henry Riner

Mary Elise Rising

Aimee Rivera

Cindy Rizzetta

Lori Roa

Sally Roberts

Donna Robinson

Mary Kay Robinson

Delaney Roddy

Diana Rodriguez

Vicki Rojo

Elaine Roman

Ingrid Roman

Diane Rosario

Misty Ross

Bob Roszkowski

Leslie Rotureau

Tina Rowell

Jane Rubin

Iris Ruiz Leon

Stephanie Rumbley

Ashley Russell

Nelson and Dottie Ryman

Betty Rynkiewicz

Judith Sachs

Paul Salsbury

Isabel Satra

Mary Satterwhite

David and Janet Saunders

Jennifer Scaia and Chris Piedescalzo

Carolyn Scharfeld

Andrea Schessl

Tim Scheu

Joyce Schlegel

Robin Schneider

Mark and Linda Schocken

Kathy Schroeppel

Randy and Laureen Schrum

Carrie Schuldt

Nancy Schwarz

Arleen Schwemmer

Betsy Scott

Kathe Scott

Richard Seaman

Mike and Seina Searle

Desiree Segobiano

Shannon Seletos

John Sellas and Shila Rose

John Serafine

Felicia Seriel

Yetzaira Serrano and Erick Carreras

Marlis Sever

Kenneth Sexton

Aimee Shapiro

Tim Shea

Sheryl Shearer

Joshua Shelton

Julie Sheppard

Tony Shiver

Jim Sidman

Paul Silagi

Sherry Silk

Lynette Silon-Laguna

Maria Silva

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Simkus

Maria Simmonds

Lauren Simmons

Cheri Simpson-Lombard

David Singleton

Elizabeth Sirban

Rebecca Slocum

Haley Smart

Doug and Kim Smith

Gilda Smith

Pamela Smith

Waldina Smith

Tracey Snodgrass

John and Diane Sollars

Carolyn Soltas

Sarah and Bryce Somer

Laurie Someson

Ray Sonazzaro

Samantha Sothman

Cathy Sowell

Pat Spasiano

Hilda Spears

Kathie Spencer

Elizabeth Springer

Maria Springer

Mary Spruill

Anoma Sriwaree

Joseph Stagi

Kelly Stagi

Barbara Stakk

Judy Staley

Robert Stalker

Shelley Stallworth

Richard Stansberry Jr.

Mary Stanton

Timothy and Sherri Staton

Tanya Stay

Gary Stenzel

Sheri Stephens

Jay Steuck

Matt Stevens

Victoria Stilgenbauer

Meagan Stilwell

Trent Strauch

Lee Stretchberry

Blaine Stuart

Joan Suarez

Andrea Sugden

Carol Suhar

Jane Summerall

Lesa Summerall

Nate Sumners

Bernadette Suppa

Greg Surla

Ken and Joanne Sussman

Mary Sussman

Sharon Swift

Charles Szekacs

Mitchell Szydlowski

Deborah Talbot and Thomas Anderson

Rebecca Tarone

Adrian Tate

Anne Tate

Laura Tatem and Brian Kincaid

Danese Taylor

James Taylor

Lorna Taylor

Rob and Lesa Taylor

Rosemary Taylor

Lt. Col. Suphong and Mrs. Patricia Techathuvanan

Dan and Bette Tedrick

Judit Tejada

Rachael Telesca

James Teske

Jeffrey Thofner

Ann Thomas

Mary Ann Thompson

Sally Thompson

Beverly Thurston

Jason Tillis

Gerardo Tinajero

Dale and Wendy Todd

Jemelle Tola

Pamela Tomasello

Lorie Tonti

Diana Torres

Eric Tort

Michael and Debra Tracey

Larry and Marina Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. William Turcotte

Hannelore Twiss

Dr. Nancy Jane Tyson and John Ragusa

Rachel Uhrig

Phillip Ulm

Michelle Upfold

Marianne Vadasz

Dr. and Mrs. Gus Valdes

Tracy Seago Van Osdell

Christine VanBuskirk

Beth Vandergrift

Bob and Sandi Vasel

Rosa Veguez

Monica Velez

Marina Viudez

Savannah Voci

Kimberly Waidler

Dominique Walker

Sherry Walker

Dawn Wargo

Harumi Warner

Catherine Waters

Joan Watkins

Moriah Webb

Col. Gary and Mrs. Barbara Weber

Virginia Weeks

Tracey Weese

Kathy Weigand

Stephen Weinberg

Stephanie Weldon

Melissa Wellman

Jason Welsh

Owen and Svetlana Wengerd

Shirley Wentzel

Andre Weston

Matthew Wiencek

Beth Wilkinson

Sue Williams

Pamela Williams Sheriff

Juanita Wills

Cirsten Wilson

Jacob Wilson

Rita Wilson

Matthew Wiszowaty

Daniel Wolf

Kathleen Wolfe

Mary Ann Wolfe

Emelie Wolgast

Teri Wood

Deborah Wooten

Tina Worrall

Donald Wright

Natalie Wright

Ray and Amy Wright

David Wyatt

Pat Yadon

Christina Yangas

Natalie Yefimenko

Amanda Yoder-Carr

Marion Yongue

Emily Young

Carole Yount

Dr. Elise Zahn and Dr. Dene’ Williamson

Barbara Zak

Stephen and Diane Zambito

Susan Zepko

Barbara Zimny

Edeltaud Zirnheld

In Memorium

We remember these animal lovers whose friends and family members made donations in their memory.

Jacqueline Allison

Stephen Amberg

Steven Bartlett

Nancy Browning

Carmen Diaz

Sandra Ernst

Mary Fabelo

Amanda Hilbert

Jed Ida

Brucie Johnston

Thomas Everett Lamb

Kay Klosinski

James Kovacs Sr.

Mary Mitchell Boze

Shirley Nelson

Peggy Pupello

Ryan Rockhill

Fran Savarino

Winston Scott

Jeff Sherman

Richard Stallings

Planned Giving

We honor and thank these dear friends who remembered homeless and needy animals in their wills.

Cheryl Demetrakis

Barbara Diamond

Herbert Hart

Frances Heim

Jeanette Layer

Anna Machado

Marilyn Menendez

Roberta Patterson

Brian Ribidoux

Joanne Ross

Gerald Scanlon

Michael Scanlon

Patricia Scott Gunther

Leo Shyrock

Martha Sutton

Anne Von Rosentiel

Doris Wagner