Dolly’s Dream & HSTB Partnership

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay has partnered with Dolly’s Dream to help save the lives of square-headed dogs. Because of the stigma of their looks, many dogs of breeds associated with large, square-shaped heads languish in or are euthanized* at shelters every day. Dolly’s Dream partners with humane societies to rescue and re-home these magnificent, misunderstood dogs and joined forces with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in July 2017 to sponsor two adoptable dogs every month for six months. This partnership has continued through the years and is ongoing. We have adopted 100 dogs through the Dolly’s Dream program thus far.

*The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is a managed admission (no-kill for space) shelter and does not euthanize animals in their adoption program to free up kennel space.

Dolly’s Dream Dogs Include

  • 3 In-Home Training Sessions with a Certified Dog Trainer
  • Bandanna
  • Collar
  • Dog Bed
  • Food & Water Bowls
  • Toys
  • Training Crate
  • Training Treat Bag
  • Harness
  • ID Tag
  • Leash


Adoption Staff


Dolly’s Dream Dog Adoptions to Date


Adopt a Dolly’s Dream Dog
Dolly’s Dogs will be identified with a sign on their kennel and their pictures will be posted below each month. 

Interested in sharing a Kong full of peanut butter? I’m your guy! I’m a one year old pup looking for an active family. Come meet me at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Hi there my name is Kai! I am one of the mature dogs available for adoption at HSTB. I came on a transfer from Texas so not a lot is known about me. I love to snuggle and g for walks! Will you take me home today?

Dolly’s Success Stories

Sweet Silas has found her forever home. We are so glad she has been given a second chance!
Angel came in as a stray and we are so excited that he has found his forever home....complete with a 2-legged sibling!
Runner is a big, goofy boy with LOTS of energy. We are so glad he found his forever home to have a second leash on life!
Our sweet girl Kay has found her forever home. Thank you Dolly's Dream for helping us make this possible!
Sweet Kobe is about 10 months old. He is still learning how to be the best dog I can be. He has lots of energy and we are thrilled he found his perfect home!
Sweet Sampson has a new family! We are thrilled he has found his forever home! He is our 100th Dolly’s Dream adoption!
Our energetic Sammy has found his forever home! We are so happy he has a new family to show him the love he deserves!
Our snuggle bug Mercy has found her forever home. We are thrilled that she will have a lifetime of love!
Our energetic and playful Hugo has found his forever home! We are so happy for him!
Sweet and goofy Walker has found his forever home. We are so happy for him and his new family
Bud prefers to be the only pup is in home. We are thrilled he has found the perfect home and wish him a lifetime of happiness!
Sweet and playful Isa has a new leash on life. She has found her forever home and is so happy to spend it with her new Mommy!
Our sweet boy King, who’s had a hard past, now has a bright future ahead of him! He will get to be the King of his castle in his new forever home!
Dillinger is a three old pup who was found as a stray. We are thrilled that he has found the perfect home for his second chance on life!
Shark has found his new family! His new owner came in with a volunteer group through MacDill Air Force Base and she fell in love with him. She came back a few days later when she was off worked and was hopeful that Shark was still here, and he was! Shark is in love with his new two-legged sibling as well! They could not be happier.
Butterfly has her new home, complete with a four-legged brother named Jojo! They had a great time playing around in our play yard!
Sweet Vinny, who was originally found emaciated and weak, has met his forever family!
Three year old lady has found her perfect home! This sweet pup can be overwhelmed by other dogs so we are glad she has found a quiet home for her forever home!