Corporate and Business Partnerships Inspire Hope and Lead to Positive Impacts in our Community

Your company or small business can be a powerful ally to the animals at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Did you know, two out of three corporations are using philanthropy to advance their business goals? Actually, they view it as a top priority.

What’s more, our partnership can help access skills, funding, resources, and people to extend our reach and impact. When our relationship is extended over time, HSTB can explore new strategies for developing solutions for the problems we encounter on behalf of at-risk and homeless animals and families struggling to keep their pets.

How does your company benefit by partnering with us?

Employee Satisfaction

Companies that partner with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and facilitate community engagement initiatives tend to have better employee retention, satisfaction, and engagement than those without. Increasingly, employees want to feel proud of their workplace. Do-good companies can save time and money on employee turnover in the long run.

Professional Development

Volunteering can offer opportunities for team building and professional development, especially when your employees’ specialized skills are utilized. These hands-on volunteer experiences can make the relationship more meaningful for your company and HSTB.

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Today’s consumers are especially careful about the companies they choose to do business with according to their values. Corporate social responsibility and corporate philanthropy programs improve consumer confidence and can even lead to an increase in revenue.


A partnership with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay can offer relatively inexpensive marketing opportunities to a broad consumer base. It’s a chance for your business to improve its community-wide reputation and trust and, when executed effectively, can lead to a positive return on investment.