Feral Cat Program

Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate & Return (TNVR)

TNVR is the internationally proven practice of humanely trapping, spaying/neutering, vaccinating, then returning (to their colonies) feral or free-roaming (outside) community cats. Successful TNVR involves a volunteer colony caretaker who provides food and adequate shelter and monitors the cats’ health. TNVR has been shown to be the least costly, most efficient and most humane way to stabilize cat populations.

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TNVR Services Available for $30

  • Spay/Neuter Surgery
  • Rabies Vaccination
  • FVRCP Vaccination
  • Ear Tipping (international symbol that a cat has been sterilized and vaccinated)

Program Hours & Contact Information

Drop Off Time: Monday from 6:30AM – 9AM. Appointment Required. Call 813.625.0910 to make an appointment, or complete the form below.

Pick Up Time: Monday from 4:30PM – 5:30PM

Cats Must Be in Traps: Cats CANNOT BE ACCEPTED in crates, carriers, boxes, etc. Humane traps can be rented at the Animal Hospital for $10.

Trap Rental: Traps may be rented from the Animal Hospital for $10; Tuesday – Saturday from 8AM – 3PM. Traps are rented each week, for the following Monday (TNVR day). Please note: there is a $92 fee for unreturned traps.

Contact: Call Feral Cat Program staff at 813.625.0910 or email them, TNVR@HumaneSocietyTampa.org.

Request TNVR Reservation

Please complete the form below to make a TNVR Reservation.

    Approximate Number of Cats

    Do any of the cats appear to be pregnant?*

    Are there any kittens in the colony?*

    Do any of the cats have notched or tipped ears?*

    Do you have experience with trapping, transporting or caring for feral cats?

    Do you have your own traps?

    PLEASE NOTE: If you have your own traps, we will email you within 24-hours with an appointment date. You will have 72-hours to reply and secure your appointment. If you do not have traps, you may rent them from the Animal Hospital, Tuesday - Sunday from 8AM - 3PM. Traps are rented each week, for the following Monday (TNVR day).

    Would you like to schedule an appointment to have this cat sterilized?

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    Best Practices for Trapping

    • Trap early in the morning or late at night.
    • Do not leave traps unattended.
    • Make sure to use stinky food (wet cat food, tuna, fish, fried chicken with no bones or skin) to lure them into the traps.
    • Line the bottom of the trap with newspaper or cardboard (making sure not to cover the trigger plate).
    • Skip feeding at least one day prior to trapping.
    • Do not trap more than two days prior to surgery.