The Humane Society of Tampa Bay was extremely disappointed to read the article titled “Humane Society of Tampa Bay decision to put 40 kittens to death stirs controversy” by Esmé Fox. The reporter took information from a misinformed and disgruntled volunteer who rarely volunteered with our organization, has no medical background, and provided false information.

Our organization knew we had Feline Panleukopenia virus when kittens were dying in their cages just a day after they were playful and appearing healthy. Many kittens were adopted out after being medically checked by our shelter medical staff and were then found dead in their new homes two days later. That is, unfortunately, what happens when this terrible virus breaks in a shelter. Humane euthanasia was the kindest and most responsible course of action to take. This action also protected the other 300+ animals that are in our shelter.

The misinformation that this reporter chose to spread hurts not only HSTB’s mission but the homeless animals in need in our area. We are surprised that the Tampa Bay Times allowed this article to be published, and we expect more from this media outlet. In the future, we are hopeful that the appropriate research will be done before publication and potentially damaging a reputation.