What is TNVR?

TNVR is the internationally proven practice of humanely trapping, spaying/neutering, vaccinating, ear tipping feral or outdoor cats and then returning them to their neighborhoods. Successful TNVR involves a volunteer caretaker who provides food and water.  TNVR has been shown to be the least costly, most efficient and most humane way to stabilize cat populations. There is a lot of bad information from people who do not like cats and  from some media in our community. These are the facts.


TNVR stabilizes the outdoor cat population (fewer to no births), resulting in lower animal control costs, reducing nuisance complaints by residents, addressing neighbors’ concerns, alleviating public health concerns, and improving the cats’ lives.  Additionally, cats provide rodent control for the neighborhood or businesses. Cats put in this program are unsocial and therefore not unadoptable.

Saves Lives

Since 2008, through our TNVR program we have helped over 60,000 outdoor cats. It gives cats a second chance at life as feral cats are unable to be adopted since they are unsocial.

Improves Quality of Life

TNVR improves outdoor cats’ lives. As long as there is someone to feed the cats, they can have a good life.

TNVR Keeps the Community Safe

Through TNVR all outdoor cats are administered a rabies vaccine.

Long-Term Solution to Stabilize Feral Cat Population

Leaving the cats where they are and spaying or neutering them through TNVR is the only hope for these cats. They would be euthanized in a shelter because they are unsocial. Sterilizing a sufficient percentage of the cats breaks the reproductive cycle and the combination of sterilization and attrition can gradually lead to a reduced population.

Nuisance Behavior Reduced

The nuisance behavior often associated with feral and free-roaming cats is dramatically reduced; including the yowling and fighting that come with mating activity and the odor of unneutered males spraying to mark their territory. Male urine spray smells are eliminated.

TNVR Saves Taxpayer′s Money

Catching and killing cats has been a futile effort used by animal control and shelters across the country for decades. Continuing an approach that is clearly not working is a waste of taxpayer dollars. TNVR works and saves taxpayer’s money by reducing cats in our public shelters.