On any given day in the United States, there are an estimated 70 million homeless dogs and cats living in danger with no food, water, or safe shelter. Some of these animals may be hurt, hungry, afraid, and in need of love and care. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay operates under one mission; ending animal homelessness and providing care and comfort for companion animals in need.

As a private, independent, non-profit, 501(c)3 animal shelter and veterinary hospital, The Humane Society of Tampa Bay also operates independently of The Humane Society of the United States or ASPCA. The goal at The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is to provide necessary shelter for homeless and at-risk animals, facilitate adoptions, and provide medical and TNVR services. This is done with the help of our incredible donors and volunteers. With their generous donations, we are able to continue changing the lives of homeless and at-risk animals, as well as the many wonderful families who choose to adopt.

Learn about all the ways you can show your support and donate to The Humane Society of Tampa Bay today.

1) Planned Giving

At The Humane Society of Tampa Bay, any and all donations are greatly appreciated, and certainly, go a long way in helping our loving animals in need!

A Humane Society bequest is a gift made through your will or trust and is one of the most flexible ways to support our mission. With an advisor’s help, you can easily include a bequest made to family, friends, or The Humane Society of Tampa Bay as part of your estate plan.

There are multiple ways that you can make a bequest, including…

  • Gifting a specific dollar amount or asset
  • Gifting a percentage of your estate
  • Beneficiary designation of certain assets


By making a bequest, you will be providing vital support for The Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s projects, activities, and goals. You can also enjoy immediate or deferred tax benefits for your family!

2) One-Time and Monthly Donation

Another helpful way to show your support for The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is through a one-time donation. Your one-time donation goes a long way in helping to provide food, shelter, medical care, and more for the animals in need. In addition to donating on your own behalf, you can also dedicate this donation to someone other than yourself. This makes for a sweet and thoughtful gift for a loved one!

Oftentimes, your employer will also match your one-time donation, helping to make your generous gift even more impactful. Visit our one-time donation page for more information.

Another way to give to The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is to become a Monthly Pet Partner, which consists of recurring monthly donations. By becoming a Monthly Pet Partner, your monthly gift will allow The Humane Society of Tampa Bay to continuously support the thousands of animals in need. This provides homeless animals with the food, shelter, and medical care that they need and deserve on a regular basis. Monthly Pet Partners get access to special perks, such as a welcome and thank you gift, quarterly newsletters, discounts at our retail store, and more.

If you are wondering “about how to donate to an animal shelter near me,” setting up a one-time or monthly donation at The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is a simple and quick process. No matter how much you choose to donate, it is sure to make a significant impact on the lives of countless homeless animals in need of love and care.

3) Tribute Donation

If you are interested in giving a gift that keeps on giving, tribute donations are the perfect way to commemorate the animal lover in your life. Whether you are making a tribute donation to celebrate a friend’s birthday or to remember a family member, you will be doing more than just making a donation; you will be honoring an important individual in your life.

When filling out a tribute donation, you will have the option to complete an acknowledgment card and choose whether you would like an e-mail or card sent to the appropriate person. This allows you to share your gift with your loved one, and is sure to make any animal lover’s day.

4) The Humane Society of Tampa Bay Wish List

Another way to show your much-appreciated support is through gifting wish-list items and other supplies. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay has wish lists with Amazon, Chewy, and Walmart, as well as a list on the website detailing most-needed items, food and treats, and other supplies that benefit the animals.

All donated goods can either be shipped directly from Amazon and Chewy to The Humane Society of Tampa Bay, dropped off at the intake department during regular business hours, or placed in the bins located in the intake garage after hours. Gifting from our wish list is a great way to help the animals thrive while they are awaiting adoption by their forever families.

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There are many ways to show your support for The Humane Society of Tampa Bay, and each way is vital to the mission at The Humane Society of Tampa Bay. No matter what you are able to give, whether it be a Humane Society bequest, one-time payment, or wish list gift, the impact of your donation is felt by each and every animal that walks through the shelter doors. Anytime you donate to The Humane Society of Tampa Bay, you are helping make a difference in the lives of homeless animals who need it the most.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay greatly appreciates your consideration and donation!

For the many ways that you can support The Humane Society of Tampa Bay, learn more today.