Happy woman holding her pet rabbit

If you are considering pet adoption in Tampa at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, consider a rabbit! Why? Rabbits are affectionate, sweet, full of personality, and may just be the perfect companion for you. 

If you are on the fence as to whether you should adopt or not, we at HSTB are ready to help you make the best decision for you, your family, and the animal. Learn more about the key indicators that rabbits may be right for you and your home.

You Want to Play With Your Pet Often

If you are someone who wants to play with their pet throughout the day, a rabbit just may be your perfect pet! Enrichment is key to keeping your pet rabbit happy and healthy. These intelligent animals love to play, and interacting with them regularly is important for their well-being, and can also help with building a strong bond. 

With toys and tunnels, there are plenty of ways to keep your rabbit entertained throughout the day. Investing time in play sessions will both strengthen your bond and ensure that your rabbit stays mentally stimulated and physically active.

Are You Ready for a Lifetime Of Love?

Rabbits are pets that can live a long life with proper care, often living for up to 12 happy years! If you are ready for the long-term commitment and responsibility of providing care for a loving pet in need, a rabbit can be the perfect companion. It is important to make sure that they receive plenty of attention, a proper nutrient-filled diet, and have a suitable, clean environment so that they can thrive and be as healthy as possible.

You Prefer a Quieter Home Environment

Rabbits are sensitive animals that can easily become stressed in loud or chaotic environments. Like all animals, they require a calm and peaceful home where they feel safe and secure. If you have a quieter home environment, a rabbit might be the perfect fit for you.

Before your pet adoption in Hillsborough County, consider the space you have available in your home. Rabbits need lots of room to hop, stretch, and explore. A spacious enclosure, preferably with multiple levels, is essential for their physical and mental well-being. Rabbits also benefit from supervised time outside of their enclosure for exercise and enrichment. That being said, make sure that your living space is rabbit-proofed to prevent any accidents or injuries.

You Are Willing to Tidy Up Your Rabbit’s Enclosure Every Day

After your pet adoption in Tampa at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, it’s important to understand the responsibilities that come with being a rabbit parent. Keeping your rabbit’s living space clean is essential for their health and happiness. 

While rabbit enclosures should be thoroughly cleaned once a week, taking time to tidy up their enclosure every day is also necessary. 

Did you know that rabbits can also be litter-trained? Taking time to litter-train can help make clean-up a breeze, too!

Adopt a Rabbit Into Your Family Today at HSTB

Bringing a rabbit into your life can be a rewarding, exciting experience, but it’s important to consider whether you’re prepared for the responsibilities that come with your Hillsborough County pet adoption. Rabbits deserve just as much care and attention as any other pet, and can truly make for the perfect companion. 

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