TAMPA, Fl. (HSTB) – Summertime in Florida can be dangerously hot for humans and dogs alike. Since our pets can’t speak for themselves, we have to be on the lookout for these symptoms that they’re having a heat stroke. Some dogs are more susceptible to heat strokes. Those are dogs with thick fur, short noses or underlying medical conditions. However, even the healthiest of dogs can still get a heat stroke.

(Owner helping his pug on a hot day. Heat stroke prevention)

• Excessive Panting
• Dizziness/Staggering
• Lethargy/Weakness
• Seizures/Muscle tremors
• Collapsing/Lying down
• Little urine production
• Agitation/Restlessness
• Red/Pale gums
• Bright red tongue
• Increased heart rate
• Vomiting/Diarrhea
• Mental confusion/Delirium

(Jack Russell sitting in front of a domestic electric fan)

If you suspect your pet is having a heatstroke:
• Remove your pet from the hot environment
• Get pet into a cooler area, preferably air conditioning
• Place a cool damp towel on your dogs underbelly, inner thighs or neck – these spots cool your dog down quickest
• Let your dog drink as much cool water as they want without forcing them
• Cool your dog off with cold water by placing a soaked towel on their back
• Put ice cubes in your dogs water to lower the temperature
• Let your pet lay on icepacks
• Apply cool water to their fur/skin (Note: Do not use ice cold water)
• Wet down the area around your pet with cool water
• If symptoms do not get better, take your pet to the nearest Veterinarian

(Dog Cools Head in Bucket of ice)