Written by Guest Blogger: Mary Nielsen

Primarily, you should make plans to spay or neuter your pet because it is in the best interest of your pet. You would, of course, be getting some advantages such as your pet will be cleaner and more well-behaved. In the end it is your pet’s comfort and health that comes first. Here are the reasons you should consider spaying or neutering your pet.

Every Life Counts

If your pet does not have testicles or a uterus then he or she cannot get cancer or tumors in those areas. The chances of contracting various different types of tumors and cancer are much lowered after spaying and neutering.  Plus, generally speaking, sexual alteration can prolong a dog’s life by a year or three or even more. It can prolong a cat’s life by as much as three to five years.  Not going on heat means that your pet is less likely to do things that could lead to trouble like straying from home or getting into fights with other animals. Spaying and neutering will offer your pet a healthier and longer life.

End Animal Homelessness

It’s a wonderful idea to deeply consider how spaying and neutering can relate to other animals. Several millions of unwanted stray dogs and cats are turned over to shelters every year. Many of these poor animals will never find a loving forever home. Unfortunately, this can often lead to euthanasia. Spaying or neutering will prevent this awful regularity from continuing. The expense tending to unwanted animals can run into the billions. Considering that some shelters rely strictly on charitable donations, this is money not easily come by.

Behavior Improvements

This won’t fix every behavior problem, but lessening a male pet’s testosterone levels may result in him being a little less aggressive. A female who no longer feels compelled to let everyone know that she’s available will not yowl or spray. That disconcerting mounting behavior that is the punchline of many a trite dog joke will not become reality if your dog is altered by age of six months. The vet may be able to operate when your pet is as young as eight weeks, given that your pet is in ideal health.

Do you want to learn more about other very good reasons to spay or neuter your pet? Then please take some time to look over this infographic. Your pet will be glad you did!