dog welcome home on brown matYou may not believe it, but we’d love to be out of a job. It is our greatest hope that pet overpopulation in Tampa Bay will end and that all pets will be able to stay in their homes with the people who love them. But, we’re still years away from realizing that dream. In the meantime, we offer several programs aimed at giving people alternatives to surrendering their pets to our shelter. These “Safety Net” programs are a growing trend across the country and many communities, including ours, have found success in lowering their animal intake numbers.

Help us spread the word that whether someone is facing financial difficulties, relocation, veterinary crises, pet behavior problems or one of the many other issues that cause people to consider surrendering their pet, there is help.

Safety Net Programs at HSTB


We offer free dog and cat food at our shelter, seven days a week. Tampa Bay citizens who find themselves struggling to feed their pets can use this service to supplement their pet food supply. MORE


This “Meals on Wheels” program for pets provides monthly supplies of pet food to homebound and elderly citizens across Tampa Bay. We also offer transportation to and from our Animal Health Center for Animeals recipients’ pets who need annual vaccinations, medications, surgery or check-ups. MORE


Our Animal Health Center Veterinary Hospital offers affordable, high-quality veterinary care to the public, seven days a week. This AAHA accredited full-service facility offers everything from vaccinations and nail trims to dentals and specialty surgery. We don’t ever want someone to have to surrender their pet, simply because they can’t afford veterinary care. We offer low prices, payment plans and special funding through our Save-A-Pet Medical Fund. MORE


We recognize that the only way to reduce pet overpopulation in our community is through spay and neuter. It is also a way to protect pets from devastating and costly forms of reproductive cancer and disease. Our AAHA accredited animal hospital offers surgical sterilization, at a low cost, for dogs, cats, rabbits, pot-bellied pigs and some pocket pets. For male dogs, we also offer Zeutering, a less-invasive process that removes enough testosterone from the system to effectively sterilize, but leaves the male “intact.” MORE


We know that behavior issues can be a challenge for some dogs but we also know that most of the time there is an attainable solution through simple, consistent and positive training. At our shelter, we offer affordable beginning, intermediate, and advanced training classes taught by our CPDT Certified Trainer and Behavior Specialist. For families who are unable to attend the 6-week classes or for more challenging cases that require one-on-one attention, our trainer is also available for private sessions in the home.


Our Animal Intake Staff are trained to counsel people considering pet surrender in alternative options and solutions to the challenges they face. They will take the time to listen to issues and concerns and to help people as they make this difficult decision and seek to do what is best for their pet.


When litters of puppies or kittens are surrendered to the shelter, we offer free spay and neuter for the mom and/or dad, who remain with their owners, so they won’t have more litters in the future. The babies are also sterilized before being adopted to loving homes, helping to end the heartbreaking cycle of unwanted animals in our community. Call 813-876-7138 for more information.