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Statistics from the American Animal Hospital Association reveal that at least 28% of the nation’s dogs and 25% of the nation’s cats are considered seniors. Cats and dogs are considered to be seniors when they reach eight years of age. It is a sad reality that older pets are often overlooked in animal shelters and are less likely to be adopted than younger pets. 

At the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and in shelters across the country, many older animals wait for long periods of time before being adopted into a loving family. The truth is, there are many reasons why a senior animal could be the perfect pet to bring into your home! Learn more today about the importance of Hillsborough County pet adoption and why senior pets make incredible companions.

Older Pets Typically Require Less Training

Hillsborough County pet adoption

​​One of the many perks of adopting an older pet is that they often have prior training, meaning they can be extremely adaptive in new households. With many senior pets having once been part of another family, they are already accustomed to living in a household around people and other animals.

Unlike younger pets, many older companions often require minimal training, allowing you to focus more on building a strong bond and creating lasting memories. If you are interested in pet adoption in Tampa, consider adopting an older pet. They need just as much love as puppies do, and they may not need extensive training sessions, making the transition smoother for all.  

Older Pets Often Have a Calmer Temperament

Hillsborough County pet adoption

In addition to their unique, lovable demeanor, senior pets often possess a wonderful gift; a naturally calmer temperament. In many cases, their maturity and life experience can contribute to a more stable disposition, which is perfect for households with young children or babies. Senior pets are also often more likely to exhibit patience; just another reason why they can be excellent companions for your little ones. 

Introducing older animals to a new space with pets tends to be easier due to their past experiences being around other pets. A senior pet is less likely to have a changing personality than a younger pet would, having grown out of younger habits. It is important to note that while senior cats and dogs are likely to be more calm, every animal is different, and past experiences play a significant role in their personality at all ages.

Older Pets Are Less Likely To Be Adopted

Hillsborough County pet adoption

Sadly, older pets face a significantly lower adoption rate compared to younger pets. While younger animals are adopted at a 60% adoption rate in the United States, only 25% of senior pets are adopted into their forever homes. This results in overcrowding of shelters, as older animals often wait months to meet a loving family.

If you are interested in adding an older pet to your family, please consider Hillsborough County pet adoption with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Giving the gift of love and care to a senior pet is often one of the most rewarding experiences for families of all kinds. Adopting an older pet from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay not only provides endless benefits to your own life, but also brings hope and joy to a senior animal who deserves love.

Give Senior Pets a Chance To Find Their Forever Families Today

Hillsborough County pet adoption

Open your heart and home to an older pet today, and together, we can all make a lasting difference in their lives. By choosing to adopt a senior pet, you also actively contribute to reducing overcrowding of senior animals in shelters.

To learn more about pet adoption in Tampa, please contact us at (813) 876-7138, look through our adoptable animals, or come visit our shelter for more information.