We Love Our Bolts

#77 Victor Hedman and Willy the pit bull became fast friends during our PSA shoot.

#77 Victor Hedman and Willy the pit bull became fast friends during our PSA shoot.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay LOVES THE BOLTS and wishes them the best of luck as they continue their hard-fought and impressive journey to the 2015 Stanley Cup!

We have always cheered on our local NHL team, but became even more enamored with the Bolts when defenseman Victor Hedman helped us promote pit bull adoptions!

In October 2014, Victor served as spokesperson in our PSA promoting pit bull awareness and adoptions. He was wonderful with his co-star, Willy, who has since found a loving, forever home with a U.S. Veteran! Hedman isn’t the only animal lover on the team; Lightning Captain Steven Stamkos had a brief cameo in the PSA when he stopped by the shoot to greet Willy.

Not only did this friendly and community-oriented team help us with our PSA but, in April 2014, they named HSTB Board President Mary Birrel as their Lightning Community Hero which resulted in a 50,000 donation to our animals!

We are so proud of the Tampa Bay Lightning, not only for their hard work and great sportsmanship, but because of their proven commitment to giving back to the Tampa Bay community.


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Watch the PSA with Victor Hedman and Willy

Free Shots For Senior Pets

old dog“My face may be white but my heart is pure gold!”

There is no doubt about it, pets just get sweeter with age. That includes shelter pets! While a young energetic puppy may be the popular choice, there are many older pets who also need loving homes. Because of their age, they often stay with us longer even though they are just as wonderful as their younger shelter mates.

We know that older pets sometimes require more care, so we offer FREE VACCINATIONS FOR LIFE at our Animal Health Center for pets adopted from us at ten years or older! Call 813-876-7138 for more information!

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