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Are you dreaming of adopting an animal to love, play with, and make memories with for years to come? If you suffer from allergies, this may seem like a far-fetched reality. But, have no fear! There are plenty of opportunities for pet adoption in Tampa that will not leave your nose running or throat scratchy!

Allergies are often a barrier to pet adoption and ownerships, but they don’t have to be. There are many dogs, pocket pets, and cats for people with allergies who would make for the perfect companion! 

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is proud to support animals in our surrounding communities. See more about what types of pets you should consider adopting, as well as best practices for taking care of them when you have allergies.

Understanding Pet Allergies

If you love dogs, cats, and pocket pets but can’t be near them without sneezing, you’re not alone. Pet allergies affect 10-20% of the world’s population. Compared with the fact that around 86.9 million homes, or 66% of American households, have a pet, many people have symptoms of a pet allergy while living with a pet in their household.

Pet allergies occur when your immune system begins to react to a special type of protein that is found in an animal’s skin cells, saliva, or urine that can get caught on the hair and skin of your pet. Usually, pet allergy symptoms are triggered by the dander that many pets shed and, while harmless, can often make you feel like you have a cold. 

Allergic symptoms can vary from sneezing and runny noses to signs of asthma. Some other common symptoms of pet allergies can include, but are not limited to:

  • Red, itchy eyes
  • Asthma-like symptoms, or worsening of asthmatic symptoms
  • Nasal congestion
  • Postnasal drip
  • Cough
  • Itchy nose, roof of mouth, or throat


If you experience these pet allergies, don’t worry. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is here to help guide you in adopting your forever companion. 

The Best Pets for People with Allergies

pet adoption in Tampa

If you are interested in adopting a dog, it is important to note that while there are some dogs that are less triggering for people with allergies, no dog breed is 100% hypoallergenic. But, there are certain characteristics to look for in a dog to find one that will not trigger your allergies as much.

When looking for the best dogs for people with allergies, look for dogs that shed less, like those with very long hair or very little hair. This is because pet dander and saliva are the factors that stimulate allergies.  

Just as with dogs, there is also no cat breed that is 100% hypoallergenic. Male cats – especially non-neutered males – tend to produce more allergens than female cats. If you are looking to adopt a cat, you should look for long-haired cat breeds, as opposed to short-haired cat breeds whose coats shed dander more easily. These are ideal cats for people with allergies.

Pocket pets like birds, hedgehogs, chinchillas, or hamsters are other options for pets that may not trigger your allergies. You may also consider adopting a potbelly pig, guinea pig, gerbil, or rabbit. These pets are more likely to be hypoallergenic because many do not have shed proteins that can affect allergies. Additionally, pocket pets are usually kept in a contained environment, as opposed to free-roaming around the home, reducing the area where allergens are spread.

How To Best Care for Pets If You Have Allergies

If you have a pet that triggers your allergies, there are some crucial maintenance and care steps that you can take to help minimize the impact of your symptoms. 

Managing allergies is best done through a consistent cleaning routine. HSTB recommends vacuuming using a specific pet-hair vacuum, like these pet-hair vacuums from BISSELL, to reduce the amount of dander in your home. Regularly washing bedding, blankets, and couch covers that your pet may lay on will also reduce the amount of dander that you are exposed to. 

Additionally, changing your air filters regularly will help to reduce the floating dander particles in the air of your home.

In terms of caring for your pet, regularly brushing your pets outside of the home and increasing the frequency of bathing will help reduce allergens.

Contact HSTB to Learn About Pet Adoption

If you’re thinking of adopting a pocket pet, cat, or dog for people with allergies from The Humane Society of Tampa Bay, our team of dedicated animal lovers is here to help.

With the right type of pet, paired with proper care and cleaning, you will be able to enjoy one of the best gifts that life has to offer; the gift of pet adoption!

To learn more about pet adoption in Tampa, contact us at (813) 876-7138 come visit us or come visit us for more information.

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If you are looking for ways to support homeless animals that need love and care, consider keeping your gifts local and direct your generosity to The Humane Society of Tampa Bay! HSTB is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates independently of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) or ASPCA, and relies on generous donations and community volunteers. 

With every dollar donated, 87 cents goes directly toward bettering the lives of animals who need it most, in the form of life saving medical care, shelter facilities, and more.  

With the help of your donation, our team of committed animal lovers can continue to promote animal welfare and end animal homelessness around greater Tampa Bay. 

How Your Generosity Helps

When you contribute to HSTB, you are making a direct, meaningful impact on the lives of thousands of animals. 

Your donation helps provide food, shelter, and necessary medical care for homeless pets, many of which have a traumatic background or life-threatening injuries and illnesses. If you are looking to donate to an animal shelter near Pasco County, The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is proud to support animals in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and other surrounding communities. Keeping your gift close to home ensures that the animals around us who need it most can receive the care they deserve.

No matter what you are able to give, you can be certain that every penny counts and is greatly appreciated by our team and shelter animals!

Ways That You Can Give

There are many simple ways to show your support for The Humane Society of Tampa Bay. And, any contribution goes a long way!

Whether it is making a one-time donation or becoming a Monthly Pet Partner and making a monthly, recurring donation, you can help HSTB to continuously provide necessary care, shelter, food, and supplies to local animals in need. 

Another great way to both make a difference in your community and commemorate a special loved one is through a tribute donation. You can honor and celebrate an animal lover in your life while supporting the operations and programs at The Humane Society of Tampa Bay. This is one of the best ways to keep the memory of a loved one alive!

Planned giving is another flexible way to show your support for programs at The Humane Society of Tampa Bay. In making a Humane Society bequest, you can gift a specific dollar amount or asset, percentage of your estate, or a beneficiary designation of certain assets. 

If you are more interested in donating pet supplies, HSTB has also made wish lists through Amazon, Chewy, and Walmart with supplies needed for our homeless animals. 

When you choose to donate to an animal shelter near Pinellas County, you are actively taking a part in ending animal homelessness in greater Tampa Bay. The animals and team at The Humane Society of Tampa Bay are incredibly thankful for your direct support and generosity, and can continue to operate because of people like you!

Making an Impact On Animals in Need in Your Community

Local animals in your community need your help! With your charitable gift, The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is leading the way, because every life counts. Whether with a one-time donation, Humane Society bequest, recurring donation, or wish list donation, every little bit brings HSTB closer to ending animal homelessness.

To help show your support and donate to an animal shelter near Pasco County or donate to an animal shelter near Pinellas County, see more about how to help and contact us at (813) 876-4150.

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Are you ready to adopt a dog in Tampa? Congratulations! This is one of the most exciting, fun, and rewarding times in many people’s lives. 

Adoptable dogs at The Humane Society of Tampa Bay are full of love and ready to meet their new families. And while this experience is one that many look forward to, it can also often come with a period of transition. It’s important for all new pet families to understand what they can expect during this transition period in order to provide the most loving and caring home possible. 

Let’s dive into what the next three days, weeks, and months may look like after adopting a dog!

What is the Rule of Three?

When researching pet adoption in Tampa from The Humane Society of Tampa Bay, you may come across “The Rule of Three.” So, what is The Rule of Three, and what do you need to know when adopting a dog?

The Rule of Three is a general guideline of how long an adopted dog may take to adjust to their new home. While every dog is different and has unique backgrounds, the way they adjust to a new space, a new family, and potentially new animals will also look different.

This guideline covers three crucial stages during your dog’s adjustment period, marking the first three days, the first three weeks, and the first three months. Understanding your dog’s behaviors and feelings during this time is important in helping you best decide how to train and acclimate them to their new home.

The First Three Days

pet adoption in Tampa

During the first three days of being in a new home, your dog will most likely feel overwhelmed. Remember, they likely spent most of their time in a vastly different environment, whether it was on the streets or in the shelter surrounded by other animals. 

Some dogs may have more difficulties adjusting to a new environment and might show signs of anxiety or fear. Behaviors that you may expect to see include a lack of appetite and issues with going to the bathroom inside, even if potty-trained. This may often be due to unique smells or uncertainties. You may also expect to see your dog hiding from humans or other pets, or attempting to test boundaries, depending on their personality type.

It is important to remember that this period will not last forever, and that patience is key in making them feel safe, comfortable, and loved. 

When interacting with your dog, be consistently positive and calm, and do not force interaction or play if the dog seems afraid. This can potentially heighten any stress that the dog may be feeling. You should also immediately begin routines for eating times, outdoor times, and bathroom times with clear directions to help begin setting expectations.

After Three Weeks

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After three weeks is when you may start to see your dog’s true personality begin to shine. At this point, depending on training and care, they should be getting more used to the routines that you have set in place and be feeling more comfortable in their new home. 

It is important to note that some dogs might still be nervous and exhibit signs of anxiety, especially if they have a history of trauma. It is important to continue practicing patience and showing your dog that you can be trusted as their forever companion.

What you can expect during this period depends entirely on the personality and history of your dog, so some families may experience their dog testing more boundaries whereas others may see a more comfortable and relaxed side to their dog. 

As your new dog becomes more acclimated to their home, you should continue to be consistent in training them, working on basic commands like “sit” or “stay,” and continuing to set expectations of behavior and activity. You should also keep praising and rewarding the positive behaviors that you want to reinforce in your dog with treats, head scratches, and words of affirmation.

After Three Months

pet adoption in Tampa

After three months, and with consistent effort and training, your dog should ideally be comfortable in their new home, bonded to you, and have a built level of trust with you and any others in the home. Get ready for more cuddles, playtime, and memories! Around this period, most dogs are now able to anticipate their routine, including mealtime and playtime, and will likely have set behaviors, habits, and personality traits.

Even as they are acclimated and comfortable in their home, it is important to still work on consistent positive-reinforcement training. Your dog may respond well to treats in moderation or affectionate cuddles. 

If your dog is still experiencing anxieties or irregular behavior, more extensive training and care may be required. Our team is passionate about the life that you and your dog share, and are prepared to help during this time of transition so have provided different training options and resources on our website.

Adopting a Dog From The Humane Society of Tampa Bay

As a leading animal shelter to adopt a dog in Tampa, The Humane Society of Tampa Bay has seen countless families successfully adopt and transition into an incredible life with their dog. Our team of community volunteers and dedicated animal lovers is excited to see the journey that you and your new dog embark on! 

To learn more about pet adoption in Tampa, contact us at (813) 876-7138, view our adoptable dogs, or come visit us for more information.

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Are you passionate about helping animals in need of love and care? Consider making an impact this year by giving back during The Humane Society of Tampa Bay Day of Giving

This special day will take place on May 3rd, 2023, as part of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Be Kind to Animals Week. This week-long event brings together millions of Americans who are focused on improving the wellness, welfare, and well-being of animals.

HSTB’s Day of Giving is a day dedicated to raising awareness for homeless animals and maximizing the impact that donations have on vulnerable animals and families. All gifts will also be matched up to $15,000, so your donation will go twice as far! Learn more about the power of giving back to your local animal shelter during the 2023 Day of Giving today. Our many adoptable pets will thank you!

Why Donate to The Humane Society of Tampa Bay?

There are many reasons why donating to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay is a powerful gift. While about 4.1 million shelter animals are adopted in the United States each year, 7.3% more animals entered shelters than left them in the first nine months of 2022, indicating a decline in annual adoption rates. This means that today more than ever, homeless animals need your help in finding their forever home. 

Every year during this time, The Humane Society of Tampa Bay receives thousands of orphaned animals. Kittens like Obi, pictured above, are a perfect example of how far community donations go. Obi came to HSTB with a necrotic tail due to an unknown injury, and required urgent, extensive, and costly medical care. Thanks to donations from the community, our dedicated veterinarians were able to perform groundbreaking Fluorescent Light Therapy, combined with hydrotherapy, until he finally started healing. With a new life ahead of him, Obi was adopted by an HSTB staff member who was inspired by and fell in love with his resilience and gentle personality.

HSTB is dedicated to ending animal homelessness and providing necessary care and comfort to animals in need, because every life counts. Our team of dedicated volunteers and around-the-clock animal lovers are proud to provide shelter, medical care, and TNVR services, as well as facilitate adoptions and much more. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, The Humane Society of Tampa Bay relies on the generosity of community members and donors, and operates independently of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) or ASPCA.

Community donations enable HSTB to offer life-saving, affordable medical care for shelter animals and provide senior animals with the full spectrum of care they deserve. Donations also cover the costs of preparing adoptable animals to join a permanent and loving family. Additionally, HSTB offers community programs like free pet food, rabies vaccinations, DHLPP vaccinations, and more that help empower pet owners to keep their pets.

In 2022 alone, HSTB saved 13,298 animals and was able to give 165,000 pounds of free pet food to families in need. This is only possible with the support of the community. If you are wondering how to impact the lives of animals who need it most, consider a one time, monthly, planned, or tribute donation to The Humane Society of Tampa Bay!

The Impact of Your Donations

Humane Society of Tampa Bay Day of Giving

With every dollar donated, 87 cents goes directly towards the services that The Humane Society of Tampa Bay provides. When donating, you can feel confident that every bit makes a significant impact on the lives of thousands of animals. No matter how much you are able to share, HSTB greatly appreciates your gift.