It is important for all pet parents, especially those living in Florida, to understand what a pet heatstroke can look like and how to prevent it from happening to your furry family member. Heatstroke is a state of hyperthermia resulting in injury to your bodily tissues. Heatstroke occurs when the amount of heat generated in one’s body exceeds the body’s ability lose heat.

Causes of heatstroke:
• A warm/hot, humid environment with inadequate ventilation
• Inadequate shade
• Inadequate drinking water
• Excessive exercise

How to prevent a heatstroke:
• Have a cool, well-ventilated space for your pet to enjoy
• Give your pet access to fresh drinking water at all times
• Never leave your pet in a car
• Avoid exercising animals in hot weather
• Avoid having your pet stand on hot sand, concrete, or asphalt for any length of time

Symptoms of heatstroke:
• Excessive Panting (which increases as heatstroke progresses)
• Dizziness, staggering
• Lethargy/weakness
• Seizures and/or muscle tremors
• Collapsing and lying down
• Little to no urine production
• Agitation or restlessness
• Very red or pale gums
• Bright red tongue
• Increased heart rate
• Vomiting or diarrhea
• Mental confusion, delirium

If you suspect your pet is having a heatstroke:
• Remove your pet from the hot environment and get them into a cooler (preferably air conditioned) area
• Apply or spray tepid/cool water to their fur/skin (Note: Do not use ice cold water)
• Wet down the area around your pet with cool water
• Take your pet to the nearest Veterinarian


The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is disappointed to hear the news about the $1.6 Million embezzled by a former Executive Director and her husband at the Humane Society of the Nature Coast in Hernando County.

Those donations were intended for the animals.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay and other shelters are completely independent of each other, HSUS, ASPCA and the Humane Society of the Nature Coast. Each have their own bylaws and board of directors.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay has a 4-Star Rating by Charity Navigator and a Platinum Rating by Guide Star which certifies we have the highest and most exceptional standards of transparency, financial health, and accountability. Our financials are audited each year by an independent CPA to confirm accuracy and ensure proper use of funds.



Petco Love (previous the Petco Foundation) has a campaign called “Love Stories” in which adopters can submit stories and the non-profit in which they adopted from has a change to receive grants. We were fortunate enough to have 2 stories that were chosen by Petco Love to receive grants.

One of the adopters is our volunteer Dwight Raines, and the other is an adopter named Olivia!

Please vote for both (you can only vote for each story once per email). Please let me know if you have any questions! I’ve included both story links below.

Dwight & Buddy:

Olivia & Ollie:

Thank you for helping to make a difference in the lives of homeless animals!

At the Humane Society of Tampa Bay we LOVE rabbits! During Easter season we see an uptick of rabbits being adopted and bought as pets, then returned or brought to our shelter shortly after.  We want to ensure that you are familiar with the special care a rabbit requires before considering making a rabbit a part of your family. We ask that you please read this educational blog post before considering a rabbit as a pet.

General Care

– Rabbits are social animals that do best with attention and social interactions. Try to talk calmly and stroke them daily.

– Some rabbits can be very affectionate and will nuzzle and lick owners while others are more laid-back and shy.

– Never approach a rabbit directly in front. They have laterally placed eyes and cannot see directly in front of themselves.

– Before picking up a rabbit, pat gently between the eyes until he relaxes.

– Never attempt to pick up a struggling rabbit, they can break their own backs attempting to get away. Always support their back legs when you pick them up and carry them around.

– Rabbits love to move and manipulate objects. This provides exercise and simulations. Brown cardboard boxes are great for chewing. Plain non-toxic wood or hard plastic baby toys are also good.

– Rabbits are prey species. They strive on predictable and stable environment.


– Keep rabbits indoor only to avoid predators, fleas, and ticks. However, in Florida you can keep your rabbits outside (as long as the area is covered) so that they can get plenty of exercise.

– Try to avoid wire flooring this can cause hock problems.

– If flooring is wire, then cover with sections of newspaper (will be messy if bunny digs) or plain cardboard.

– If using a dog cage, make sure the wire spacing is small enough so the bunny’s head or limbs do not get stuck.

– Keep rabbits out of extreme heat.

– Avoid keeping rabbits in the same room as barking dogs and avoid keeping them in full view of cats.

– Place litter box in corner of cage the rabbit has chosen for urination. Line with newspaper and fill with grass hay and dump daily.

– Avoid pine and cedar chips as bedding or litter material.

– Small boxes for bunny to hide in are useful in wire cages to help them feel safe. May increase territorial behaviors (mainly in unspayed females).


– Most important food for a rabbit is hay.

– Rabbits should eat dark-leafy greens daily if possible (all leaf lettuces, dandelion greens, kale, collards, turnip greens).

– Avoid cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, spinach, bread and other high carbohydrate foods.

– Pellets should be plain.

– Good treats in small amounts are slice of apple or banana, sunflower seeds, 2 inch piece of carrot, parsley, cilantro and basil.

Bunny Proofing Your Home

– Cover wires with hard plastic sleeves or flex tubing.

– Use large flex tubing on wooden table or chair legs.

– Cover baseboards with plastic guards or furring strips. Clear packaging tape could also work.

– Most houseplants are toxic to bunnies including poinsettia, holly, tomato leaves, tulips

– Complete list:

Let us help you keep your dogs safe!

You can keep your dogs safe by utilizing heartworm medication. Our veterinarian can test your dog for heartworms and help you pick affordable heartworm prevention products that are available at our Animal Hospital.

Heartworm Testing & Prevention Products: Please call 813-870-3304 to make your appointment.

Our Animal Hospital is open Monday through Sunday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm and is located just north of the shelter at 3809 N. Armenia Avenue.

Heartworm Disease – What Is It and What Causes It?

Heartworm disease is a serious disease that results in severe lung disease, heart failure, other organ damage, and death in pets, mainly dogs, cats, and ferrets. It caused by a parasitic worm. The worms are spread through the bite of a mosquito.  The dog is the definitive host, meaning that the worms mature into adults, mate, and produce offspring while living inside a dog.  The mosquito is the intermediate host, meaning that the worms live inside a mosquito for a short transition period in order to become ineffective (able to cause heartworm disease).  The worms are called “heartworms” because the adults live in the heart, lungs, and associated blood vessels of an infected animal.

The Heartworm Lifecycle in Dogs:

Inside a dog, a heartworm’s lifespan is 5 to 7 years.  Adult heartworms look like strands of cooked spaghetti, with males reaching about 4 to 6 inches in length and females reaching about 10 to 12 inches in length.  The number of worms living inside an infected dog is called the worm burden.

How is a Dog Tested for Heartworms?

A veterinarian uses blood tests to check a dog for heartworms. An antigen test detects specific heartworm proteins, called antigens, which are released by adult female heartworms into the dog’s bloodstream.  In most cases, antigen tests can accurately detect infections with one or more adult female heartworms. The earliest that the heartworm proteins can be detected in a dog’s bloodstream is about 5 months after it is bitten by an infected mosquito. The earliest that microfilaria can be detected in a dog’s bloodstream is about 6 months after it is bitten by an infected mosquito.

When Should a Dog Be Tested for Heartworms?

Dogs 5-6 months of age and older should be tested for heartworms before starting heartworm prevention.  A dog may appear healthy on the outside, but on the inside, heartworms may be living and thriving.  If a heartworm-positive dog is not tested before starting a preventive, the dog will remain infected with adult heartworms until it gets sick enough to show symptoms.

Is There a Treatment for Heartworm Disease in Dogs?

Melarsomine dihydrochloride (available under the trade names Immiticide and Diroban) is an arsenic-containing drug that is FDA-approved to kill adult heartworms in dogs. It’s given by deep injection into the back muscles to treat dogs with stabilized class 1, 2, and 3 heartworm disease. The treatment for heartworm disease is not easy on the dog or on the owner’s pocket book.  Treatment can be potentially toxic to the dog’s body and can cause serious complications, such as life-threatening blood clots to the dog’s lungs.  Treatment is expensive because it requires multiple visits to the veterinarian, bloodwork, x-rays, hospitalization, and a series of injections.

The Best Treatment is Prevention!



Featuring: Our Mission in Action

On February 6, 2019, with the help of Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center 10 Havanese mixes were rescued from a hoarding cruelty case in Temple Terrace and placed in our care. The dogs arrived with matted and tangled fur with caked on feces and smelled strongly of urine. In need of help to get these pups cleaned up we reached out to our community on Facebook for grooming volunteers. We received an amazing response and are incredibly thankful for our community! View their transformations below.

*We will announce on our social media platforms when they are available for adoption. 

Grooming Volunteers: Emilie Desrochers from Petsville Citrus Park, Rebecca Lamunyan from Bow Wow Beautician, Melanie Denick from Diego’s Dog Grooming,  Ashley Bennett and Maggie Brenner

Photography & Documentation: Adam Goldberg from AGoldPhoto Pet Photography

 Video of Transformation:

Before & After Photos:













The Humane Society of Tampa Bay has partnered with Dolly’s Dream to help save the lives of square-headed dogs. Because of the stigma of their looks, many dogs of breeds associated with large, square-shaped heads languish in or are euthanized* at shelters every day. Dolly’s Dream partners with humane societies to rescue and re-home these magnificent, misunderstood dogs and joined forces with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in July 2017 to sponsor two adoptable dogs every month for six months. This partnership has continued through the years and is ongoing. We have adopted 96 dogs through the Dolly’s Dream program thus far.

*The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is a managed admission (no-kill for space) shelter and does not euthanize animals in their adoption program to free up kennel space.



Dolly’s Dogs will be identified with a sign on their kennel and

their pictures will be posted below each month.



Adoption Staff at 813.876.7138 or






  • 3 In-Home Training Sessions with a Certified Dog Trainer

  • Bandanna

  • Collar

  • Dog Bed

  • Food & Water Bowls

  • Harness

  • ID Tag

  • Leash

  • Toys

  • Training Crate

  • Training Treat Bag


Walker Adopted 8.23.2020

Sweet and goofy Walker has found his forever home. We are so happy for him and his new family.

Bud Adopted 8.22.2020

Bud prefers to be the only pup is in home. We are thrilled he has found the perfect home and wish him a lifetime of happiness!

Isa Adopted 8.18.2020

Sweet and playful Isa has a new leash on life. She has found her forever home and is so happy to spend it with her new Mommy!

King Adopted 8.17.2020

Our sweet boy King, who’s had a hard past, now has a bright future ahead of him! He will get to be the King of his castle in his new forever home!

Dillinger Adopted 8.13.2020

Dillinger is a three old pup who was found as a stray. We are thrilled that he has found the perfect home for his second chance on life!

Shark Adopted 8.12.2020

Shark has found his new family! His new owner came in with a volunteer group through MacDill Air Force Base and she fell in love with him. She came back a few days later when she was off worked and was hopeful that Shark was still here, and he was! Shark is in love with his new two-legged sibling as well! They could not be happier.

Butterfly Adopted 8.7.2020

Butterfly has her new home, complete with a four-legged brother named Jojo! They had a great time playing around in our play yard!

Vinny Adopted 7.30.2020

Sweet Vinny, who was originally found emaciated and weak, has met his forever family!

Lady Adopted 7.26.2020

Three year old lady has found her perfect home! This sweet pup can be overwhelmed by other dogs so we are glad she has found a quiet home for her forever home!

Ryder Adopted 7.25.2020

Sweet Ryder was so excited to go home that we jumped right into his mom’s car with his new sibling! We are so excited for him!

Chance Adopted 7.17.2020

Adorable Chance has gotten his second chance on life and  who also got adopted yesterday! He was adopted by pro baseball player Shawn Morimundo and his sister, Jessica! Big day for Dolly Dream Dogs!

Maya Adopted 7.17.2020

Sweet Maya was adopted by Julio who did a meet and greet with his dog, Rocco. Right from the time they met, they wanted to play and be besties! They played in the pool together. Maya jumped in first and was doing some pretty skilled doggie paddling and Rocco followed, which his owner says was a first for him! They were excited to be together and we are so happy for Maya and her new family!


Empress Emma Harding 6.19.2020

Empress Emma Harding came to the shelter as a stray but she has a lot of personality. She is a HIGH energy pup and we are thrilled she has found her forever home!

Precious Adopted 5.27.2020

Sweet Precious gets to be Queen of the Castle (she’d have it no other way!). We are ecstatic for her!!!

Odin Adopted 5.26.2020

Odin is a super sweet guy and we are thrilled he has found his forever home.

Charlie Adopted 5.24.2020

Charlie is a little shy at first but once he warm ups to you, you will see just how amazing he can be. We are thrilled that his new family will give him the life he deserves.

Cooper Adopted 5.11.2020

Cooper has a fun and silly personality but can be nervous at first. We are thrilled he has found a big family to spend his life with.

Byron Adopted 5.9.2020

Byron loves people and gets along great with other dogs. We are so happy he has been adopted into his new home with a sibling!

Drew Adopted 4.25.2020

Drew is an active pup who loves walks! He will definitely benefit from training so it’s great that he and his new owners receive this because of Dolly’s Dream!

Laila Adopted 4.7.2020

Laila was adopted by a wonderful family. They saw her on our YouTube channel and they brought their daughter in to see how she would do with her and it went great! This little chunk found her forever home.

Tyler Adopted 3.29.2020

Our super loving dog Tyler has found his forever home. We are excited for him to enjoy life with his new family!

Queen Adopted 3.27.2020

Sweet Queen has found her forever home! We are thrilled for this diva to be the Queen of her castle!

King Adopted 3.26.2020

King was adopted by an amazing family who had lost their dog but weren’t ready to adopt another. The adopter had been watching our page for awhile looking for the perfect fit and they instantly fell in love with King on our website and knew they needed to see him. As soon as they saw him, they knew it was meant to be!

Raleigh Adopted 3.18.2020

Sweet Raleigh has found her forever home! Complete with a 2-legged sibling!

Bob Adopted 3.2.2020

Bob, now known as Leon, was adopted into a wonderful home! We are so happy for him!

Sarge Adopted 2.22.2020

Sweet Sarge has been returned to us several times. We are excited that he has found his forever home as a Dolly’s Dream dog!

Rocco Adopted 2.14.2020

Rocco was adopted as a Dolly’s Dream Dog in September of 2019. He was returned recently and we are thrilled he has found his forever home on Valentine’s Day….complete with a four-legged sibling!

Princess Adopted 1.22.20

Princess is a 2 year old pup that was abandoned. She is an extremely high energy dog and we are thrilled she has found her new home!

Kelli Adopted 1.2.20

Kelli is a 1 year old girl who was brought into our care as a stray. She is extremely sweet and affectionate. She is very playful as well. We are thrilled that she will be starting 2020 in her new home!

Venus Adopted 12.23.19

Sweet Venus was adopted right before the holidays. We are delighted she has a home for the holidays!

Jacob Adopted 12.15.19

Jacob is a one year old who was found as a stray. He is an energetic pup who is very strong. He loves people! We are thrilled he found the perfect family.

Rafael Adopted 12.10.19

Rafael is a 7 year old who was found as a stray. This handsome stud has found his forever home!

Charlie Adopted 11.23.19

This wonderful couple came in to adopt Charlie! They saw he was returned for being too active and thought that he would be the perfect fit for their other puppy they adopted from HSTB a couple of months ago. They are so excited to add another four paws to their family.

Koda Adopted 11.15.19

Koda is a 1 year old pup with LOTS of energy! He was adopted as a Dolly’s Dream dog but was returned to us. Once a Dolly’s Dream pup, always a Dolly’s Dream pup! We are glad he has found his new home.

Lovie Adopted 11.12.19

Sweet Lovie went home! Her new family was so excited to get her home and snuggle up with her. They love the idea of the Dolly’s Dream program!

Kyla Adopted 11.4.19

Kyla is a 2 year old pup! Her  family returned her because they didn’t have enough time to monitor her. She is an active friendly girl who loves children. We are thrilled she has found a family who will give her all the time in the world!

Priscilla Adopted 10.20.19

Sweet Priscilla is about 4 years old. After a “test-drive” she was officially adopted. We are so thrilled she has found her forever home.

Ruby Adopted 10.9.19

Sweet Ruby went home! Formerly Melissa, she was adopted through Dolly’s Dream but was returned. Once a Dolly’s Dog, always a Dolly’s dog! We’re happy that Ruby has been given another chance!

Duke Adopted 10.5.19

Dolly’s Dream Dog Duke went home! His new mom brought her super cute pup in to meet him and it was an instant hit! Duke and his new sister are the best of friends already and can’t wait to go on some exciting new adventures together

Cuddles Adopted 9.20.19

Cuddles is a 4 year old pup who is the perfect ambassador for his breed. He is sweet with everyone and dogs. He’s named Cuddles for a reason and we are so happy her has his forever family!

Murry Adopted 8.28.19

Murry was adopted! We are so thrilled for this energetic pup!

Elvis Adopted 9.6.19

Elvis is a 10 month old pup that came to us as a stray. He’s very sweet and shy. He has found his forever home!

Millie Adopted 8.17.19

Our sweet girl Millie has found a loving companion!

Mango Adopted 8.16.19

Mango who was brought to us by Tampa Fire Rescue. We are thrilled that she has found her forever home!

Sasha Adopted 8.5.19

Six year old Sasha found the perfect home. She will have people siblings that are full of energy and are ready to take her for runs and spend time training her!


Adam Adopted 7.31.19

Our sweet boy Adam (now Bo Duke) has finally found his forever home. We are so excited because he will be roommates with an HSTB alumni, Panda!


Henry Adopted 7.12.19

Henry was adopted! One of our staff members at our Animal Hospital fell instantly in love and the rest is history!

Diego Adopted 7.9.19

Diego was adopted! He is going home to a family with a fenced in yard and kids to play with and help him burn all his energy. His adopter came in just to look and ended up falling in love with this handsome boy.

Ruger Adopted 7.6.19

Ruger went home with an amazing family who has experience with big dogs and who recently lost their dog. They came in just to look around and when they saw Ruger walking past them, they made eye contact and the rest was history. Ruger was meant for this family!

King Adopted 5.12.19

King is 3 years old. He’s very sweet and walks beautifully on the leash. He’s a calm player with other dogs who prefers dogs that aren’t overly active and in your face. He knows sit and loves butt scratches! Kaylee and her boyfriend came in looking to adopt a pitty and fell in love with King! His new name is now King Enzo.

Hamlet Adopted 5.12.19

Hamlet is a 3 year old who came into our care after he was found as a stray. He is very sweet.  Paul and his family came by the shelter to look around and saw Hamlet’s sweet face. On our visit there was an instant connection between Hamlet and their son. They decided that they had to make him a part of their family!

Princess Adopted 5.9.19

Princess is a 3 year old love bug. She is very active and gets along great with other dogs. She was found abandoned at our administrative offices. We are so happy she has found her forever home.

Fredo Adopted 5.4.19

Fredo is an 1 year old athlete! He is learning basic obedience and is good with other very active dogs. We are thrilled he found his forever home

Carolina 4.27.19

Carolina is a 6 year old sweetheart who is very loving and gets along with other dog. She is very strong on the leash and extremely active.

Flo Rida Adopted 4.26.19

Flo Rida is a one year old pup. He is very sweet and has LOTS of energy. We are so happy he has found his forever home.

Trigger Adopted 3.23.19

Trigger is very smart and a total love bug! We are so glad that he has found his forever home!

Holly Adopted 3.16.19

Our Dolly’s Dream Dog, Holly, went home! Her new family came in to finalize her adoption today. She is doing well with her feline sibling. Her new parents cannot wait to start her dog training.

Devon Adopted 2.26.19

Our Dolly’s Dream Pup Devon goes home! This awesome couple saw Devon and fell in love with him, but wanted to make sure that where they live they were okay to have pitbulls as well as just get the place prepped for the pup.  Already loving their new baby, Devon (now named Hades) is on his way on this rainy Tuesday to his new home where mom and dad can snuggle him!!

Sugar Adopted 2.23.19

Our Sweet 2 year old Sugar went to a wonderful home with a mom and daughter who came in looking for a new furry family member to add to the family. After meeting with a few dogs and not really feeling a good match, our staff asked if they would be interested in meeting with Sugar, and when they did, they fell in love with her! She loved snuggling up with the little girl. The family is overwhelmed with happiness and Sugar was so excited to go home!

Ghost Adopted 1.12.19

Ghost is a 2 year old doggy who was surrendered to us with his owner could no longer care for him. His new family adopted him along with a sister from our shelter too!

Acer Adopted 1.2.19

Acer is an 8 year old pup who was transferred into our shelter from Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center. He now has a new family with 2 other dogs and will get to have lots of play time!

Nola Adopted 12.21.18

Nola is a 2 year old sweetheart who was found as a stray. Her new mom, Erika, came in looking for her first doggy to adopt while living on her own. She instantly fell in love with Nola. Erika used to volunteer with HSTB in high school and knew this would be the perfect place to find her new best friend!


Spirit Adopted 12.12.18

Spirit, a four year old pup found her forever home! She will be kept calm while going through her heartworm treatment but then will get to enjoy the active lifestyle with her new dad.

Brody Adopted 11.26.18

Brody found his perfect home! It was a match made in heaven and Brody was so excited to play with his new dad during his visit.

Rover Adopted 11.24.18

Rover has found his forever home! This wonderful lady came in looking to adopt. She met with Rover and couldn’t stop thinking about him. She came back and adopted him the next day!

Albert Adopted 11.23.18

Albert found his forever home! A wonderful family came in looking for the perfect companion. Albert will have lots of room to play in his new home.

Harmony Adopted 10.15.18

Harmony found her new family and is as happy as can be! Her family told us they cannot wait until Christmas because she will be getting her very own Christmas sweater! How adorable! We are very happy to know that Harmony will be so loved… because she deserves it!

Lucius Adopted 9.18.18

Lucius has found his forever home! This awesome couple came to “look” around our shelter. They saw Lucius’ sweet eyes looking at them through the kennel and they knew they had to meet him. He greeted them with his wet nose and a bunch of kisses! It was meant to be! Lucius is an energetic, 2 year old pup with lots of love to give!

Storm Adopted 9.16.18

Yay for Storm! This sweet girl is 1 year old and came to us as a stray. Her new family came to our shelter looking for the perfect dog. When they saw Storm, they instantly fell in love with her! They KNEW she had to be theirs. We are so thrilled to say she has found her perfect forever home!

Sunshine Adopted 9.5.18

Sweet Sunshine is finally with her forever family! This 3 year old girl came to us as a stray. She is a shy and playful pup who gets along with other dogs who are confident and calm. This mom and two daughters came to our shelter looking for the perfect dog. Once they saw Sunshine, they knew it was meant to be! We are so thrilled that Sunshine has found her home!!!

Rex Adopted 9.1.18

Handsome Rex was finally adopted! He came into our care as a stray. Rex is an active pup that would do well in with a family that embraces his energetic lifestyle. His new owner came looking for a dog of his own and decided on sweet Rex. He is an only dog since he can be picky about his friends. We are happy to see this boy in his very own home!

Mushu Adopted 8.20.18

Sweet Mushu is approximately 2 years old and came into our care as a stray. He is an energetic pup and would do well in an active home with an active lifestyle. He has finally found his best friend and is going to have a home of his very own. We couldn’t have found a better match for these two!!!

Champ Adopted 8.18.18

Champ is approximately 1 year old and came into our care as a stray. He is full of energy and would do well in an active home with an active lifestyle. His new owners came to our “Clear the Shelters” event and when they saw Champ, they knew they had to adopt him. They fell in love instantly and knew he was the perfect addition to their family.

Tommy Adopted 7.16.18

Tommy is approximately 3 years old and came into our care as a stray. He is an energetic pup that would do well in an active home with an active lifestyle. His new owners were so excited to meet him. They fell in love within a few minutes of visiting with him and knew he was the perfect addition to their family.

Kevin Adopted 7.7.18

 Kevin is 3 years old and originally came into our care as a stray back in December 2017! This heartworm positive pup had LOTS of energy and we knew he deserved the most perfect home. While he went on numerous adoption test drives, his perfect family wasn’t there yet. We are so thrilled to say he has found the best forever home and we wish them nothing but happiness! Not only does he have 3 2-legged siblings, he also has 2 4-legged siblings who all love him very much.




Dove Adopted 6.23.18

Dove is a 3 year old girl full of love and energy! She came in as a stray and was very pregnant and with a face wound but was soon cleared to be adopted. As a dog that would do best in a home with no cats or small animals, we knew she needed to find the perfect home. Thanks to Dolly’s Dream, Dove was able to find it!




Mac Adopted 6.4.18

 Mac is a 3 year old adventurous boy. He came to us originally when his owner no longer had the time to care for him. He is an energetic pup and we are so thrilled that he has found a loving home (complete with a four-legged HSTB alumni sibling) thanks to Dolly’s Dream.




Mocha Adopted 6.3.18

Sweet Mocha is 7 years old and had been in our care since January after she was found as a stray. She prefers to be the Queen of the Castle and would do best as the only pet. This high energy pup quickly became a staff favorite. We are so thrilled that Mocha has found her forever home!!!



Zuka Adopted 3.18.18

Zuka was transferred from Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center after being there for over 5 months! We are so thrilled to say she has found her forever home. Her new owner knew that Zuka would be the perfect match for him!



Mojito Adopted 3.15.18

Bye-bye Mojito!!! This sweet boy was with us for over a month at Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center for over 100 days prior to that. He has finally found his best friend and is going to have a home of his very own. We couldn’t have found a better match for these two!!!



Casper Adopted 2.2.18

Casper is a very handsome, gentle-giant. He was sometimes timid in the shelter and we knew he needed to find his forever home to truly thrive. He now has that home and with 3 feline sisters who he is getting along great with! Congrats to Casper!




Zeus Adopted 1.12.18

Zeus is very handsome, strong and loves to cuddle and give kisses. He is extremely energetic and love to play so he would require a good amount of exercise every day. A couple came in looking for an energetic dog to keep up with their active lifestyle. Both had previous experience with the American Staffordshire Breed and when they saw Zeus, they were instantly bonded. We are thrilled that Zeus will have the active lifestyle he deserves.




Luke Adopted 1.7.18

One of HSTB’s longest residents, Luke, was adopted a wonderful gentleman. Luke came to us as a transfer and was found to be heartworm positive when he arrived. This wonderful adopter and his came in today and instantly fell in love with Luke. They cannot wait to spoil him.




Brownie Adopted 11.18.17

Brownie is a sweet girl with lots of energy. She is a one year old pup who was found as a stray. She will now have four-legged and two-legged siblings and we are thrilled that she will receive the love and attention she deserves!




Abigail Adopted 11.7.17

Abigail came into our shelter as a stray. Mark and his family were looking for a doggy friend that would fit in with the family.  They loved Abigail because she was exactly what they were looking for. She was very happy on the visit and loved their 3 little girls petting and playing with her. We are so happy to see Abigail go to the perfect forever home with lots of loving coming her way!




Cora Adopted 11.6.17

Cora came into our shelter as a stray. A wonderful young woman came in and instantly fell in love with Cora (Now Daisy). Daisy will even have a four-legged brother named Taco!


RICO Adopted 11.5.17

Rico is a one year old pup that was originally transferred to our shelter after Hurricane Irma. His previous shelter sustained severe damage.  Rico was adopted for a brief time and was returned to our shelter for being too active. A wonderful young couple wanted to find the perfect pup and they immediately fell in love with Rico. We are ecstatic he has found his forever home.

NINA Adopted 11.2.17

Nina was found as a stray during Hurricane Irma. She is 8 years old and is a sweet pup who LOVES to cuddle. She has a possible broken jaw from the past that healed crooked. We are thrilled that she has found a loving family! They are so excited to have Nina in their lives.

HANK Adopted 11.2.17

Hank was found as a stray  He is 2 years old and is a gorgeous, active pup! This 70 pound boy has a lot of loving to give. He will now have four doggy siblings and his new name is Duke!

COLT Adopted 10.29.17

Colt was a 3 year old pup who was transferred to HSTB after Hurricane Irma when his previous shelter incurred substantial damage. Since Colt is an active boy, we wanted to be sure he found the right home. A wonderful young couple came in to the shelter and immediately fell in love with Colt. He will get to go everywhere with them! We are so happy for Colt.

KAYLA Adopted 9.22.17

Kayla is 6 years old and was surrendered into our shelter for being too active. We are thrilled that she has found her forever home in which she can be Queen of the Castle! She now has humans siblings to give her lots of hugs, kisses, and loving!

BRUTUS Adopted 8.31.17

Brutus came into our shelter as a stray. While we did not know a lot about his history, we do know that he knew some basic commands and is a very sweet pup. He is the perfect ambassador for his breed and shows just what wonderful dogs they are. He went home with an HSTB alumni 4 legged brother as well as a 2 legged sister. The family saw Brutus on our website and waited for him before we were even open. We know he will be well loved in his new home.

LENNY Adopted 8.19.17

Lenny came into our shelter when he was found as a stray. Unfortunately, we see a lot of stray dogs come in and a large majority of them are American Staffordshire mixes, like Lenny.  Since his breed comes with a false negative connotation, it can be harder to adopt Lenny and his friends. On top of all this, Lenny was also heartworm positive. We are so thrilled to share that Lenny went home with a new mom and a 2-legged brother. Lenny was so happy to find is forever home.

JASPER Adopted 7.15.17

Jasper came to us originally from Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center on April 19th. He was adopted a month later but was returned a few days after for being too active. The “BOSS CROSS” Cross Country team from Steinbrenner High School would come and take Jasper on runs before we would open in the morning.  This would help Jasper cope with life in the shelter as well. We are thrilled to say that of the alums from the Cross Country team, chose to give Jasper his forever home. We could not be any more excited to know that Jasper will live in an active home where he has already been shown so much love.